Food Stamps

Food stamps are given to those in need to supplement the grocery budget and ensure they can have nutritional foods in their diet. Food stamps can be used in grocery stores, dollar stores and some convenience stores. The intent of food stamps is to help those with a low income purchase food. So what exactly can you buy with food stamps?

Let’s start with what you can’t purchase with food stamps. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and hot ready to eat foods can not be bought with food stamps. You may not purchase canning jars, pet food or household items with food stamps.

You can buy seeds to take home and plant which will decrease the grocery bill even further. While you may purchase seeds to plant you may not purchase potting soil or fertilizers to use on the seeds that you plant. Pectin used in canning can be purchased to help put up the seeds you planted once they begin producing. You can also purchase cold deli items that are intended to be taken home and eaten although you may not buy these same items if they are made to eat on site.

Any food that is intended for human consumption and designed to be eaten or prepared out of the store can be purchased with food stamps. Hot foods that are intended to eat on sight may not be purchased. You can use food stamps to buy items to make meals for your family either from scratch or with a help from the store. Things such as flour, eggs, cornmeal and spices all fall into this area of preparation items.

Milk, infant formulas, infant juices and baby foods can all be purchased with the use of food stamps. You can also purchase frozen dinners, snack foods and drinks. Items used in baking such as flour, sugar, baking powder, yeast and oils can be purchased. You may purchase items such as grease, vegetable oil and olive oil with food stamps.

You can purchase breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snack items with food stamps. Fresh and frozen meats can be purchased to make meals. Fruits and vegetables either fresh, frozen or freeze dried can be purchased as well. Apples, bananas, oranges, potatoes and onions are all examples of items you can buy with food stamps.

You can purchase pre-made tea, juice and frozen juices. Even sodas and candy with food stamps although most people opt to get other items that last longer with them. There are pre-packaged meals for toddlers that can be purchased with food stamps. Special food items such as low sodium, gluten or casein free may be purchased either to make your own items or pre-made items if someone in your home is on a special diet due to special dietary needs.

When using food stamps you can purchase almost any food item that you would normally use to feed your family. For those that are attempting to feed their entire family with their food stamps they will likely want to stick with those items that have to be cooked from scratch and put together. Bread and sandwich meat can also be purchased for those that don’t want to cook from scratch every day or eat frozen meals. 

When it comes to stretching the budget and feeding your family nutritiously on food stamps you have to compare each items and its cost carefully. This will help you to stay within the guidelines of the items that you can purchase with food stamps and stay within your budget.