The secret to providing a hot, a healthy and a reasonably priced lunch for your children who attend school is a thermos bottle and your desire to heat up the leftovers from dinner and put that hot food into it. Subsequently, you will put that thermos bottle into a lunch box, along with a dressed salad, bread, a slice of pie or cake and maybe even some kind of packaged milk, juice or soft drink.

That entire meal can cost less than a hot meal that is made and sold within a school cafeteria. As a matter of fact, the drinks that are sold from within vending machines are there for purchase and profit to those who own such vending machines and usually cost more, item for item, than the same product that you can purchase at a food store.

Therefore, your diners that you cook should include enough food for the lunch that your child will consume at school the following day. Some kids will eat anything that is loaded with sugar but it is truly your job to provide healthy meals to your children. That includes fresh or canned vegetables.

Many fresh fruits are naturally sweet, as well as being healthy for each and every growing child. If you are having a problem getting your children to eat such healthy foods you must make every effort to get your children to try such healthy foods. More often than not, your children will like what they taste and desire more of such food as time passes.

Granted, you cannot put slices of pizza into a thermos bottle, but many schools do have microwave ovens to heat those kinds of foods, soups or other kinds of what are called finger foods. A hot and hearty soup, together with a dressed salad is the perfect meal to give to your children for lunch or you can be a little creative and allow your children to make their own lunch.

For example, you can make tuna salad and then put it into a thermos bottle to keep it fresh. The bread for the sandwich can simply be put into a sandwich bag, together with a fork and/or knife to be used to assemble the sandwich. You can also put cookies, cake and/or pie into such sandwich bags for future consumption.

Sooner or later your children will request such dinners, whose left over food will be what they would like to eat for lunch the following day. There is no end to the different kinds of truly healthy meals that, in this manner, you can provide to your children for their lunch at school, including roast beef, roasted or fried chicken or simply a cold cut sandwich.