Forensic Science Dna Analysys Imprisonment

When human life and freedom are at stake there is no place for mistakes. Fortunately we now have a method that’s nearly 100% accurate – analysis of DNA. Forensic science changes over the years and is becoming more and more effective. The world of crime “evolves” in its methods, new branches of constantly developing technology are being used in order to break the law. However, police investigators aren’t always misled by criminals, in some cases the criminal justice system is at fault itself. The DNA is like a fingerprint with one exception, wearing gloves won’t help much, genetic material is present in every part of the body.

One of the mistakes that occur during investigation are made by eyewitnesses or victims. When exposed to crime many people have difficulty in clearly comprehending the situation, sometimes they falsely identify the culprit. This doesn’t always happen because of a simple mistake, from time to time the real criminal, or a person with ill will towards the suspect, intentionally lies in order to blame an innocent person. In these cases DNA testing is often the only way to clear charges.

In violent crimes like murder, rape and assault, DNA analysis helps clarify if the suspect really committed the crime. For instance, if the suspect was seen with or had a brawl with the victim on the day of the incident; he/she usually becomes the primary target for investigation. Genetic material found at the crime scene or on the victim’s body is sometimes the only valid evidence that could eventually help in solving the case. Without DNA tests to backup innocence of the accused, not only would it be harmful and unfair but would also leave the real perpetrator free.

On rare occasions innocent people with financial problems testify against themselves in order to get medical and social help. But that’s not the only reason why people try to mislead police. They do it to protect someone or to attract attention, whatever the reason is, DNA tests make them free of charges. That way they can be directed to proper institutions which could solve their problems rather than be sent to prison, to serve sentences they clearly didn’t deserve.

Financial conditions are a contributing factor when it comes to defense against charges, sometimes the defendant is not wealthy enough to support a good lawyer or is marginalized because of low status, again – DNA is a crucial evidence that could be the most important element of the line of defense.

DNA analysis is without doubt one of the most accurate and important elements of forensic science. On the other hand it helps innocent people avoid imprisonment and clears their names from false accusations.