Former North Carolina District Attorney Michael Nifong Face Prison Time Fines – Prison

Not only should Nifong face prison time but he should have been given the same amount of time in prison that the Duke players would have received had they been convicted.

This man put those boys and their families through utter hell when he knew they were not guilty. He withheld evidence from the defense that they were entitled to that would have, and ultimately did, clear them of this crime.

Had the defense not found this evidence or learned of it would these kids have been convicted of rape? Is it possible that they all would be doing 20 years in a state penitentiary now? And would that not have resulted in them most likely being raped themselves in prison? Talk about being victims.

This man is a complete and utter embarrassment to all prosecutors, all law enforcement and the Court itself. He totally violated his oath of office and his duty to the citizens of his state. Additionally, any member of his office or the police department, who had knowledge of this, should also be prosecuted and jailed.

You expect this kind of crap from defense attorneys, you don’t expect it from the prosecutor.

The prosecutor absolutely must be above reproach at all times. It’s is his duty and obligation not to prosecute innocent people when he knows they are innocent. It is his duty and obligation to seek the truth. It’s not his duty to win at all costs.

If we can’t trust our judges to act impartially, our prosecutors to act with honor and our law enforcement officials to properly investigate crimes, then who do we trust? Why even have a Court of Law? What is the point?

This man was willing to completely destroy the lives of these kids as well as their families and didn’t even blink an eye. He should pay and pay heavily for his decisions.

How many other prosecutors like him are in our courts? They need to know, without any doubt, that there are consequences for their actions and that this kind of behavior by any prosecutor will not be tolerated anywhere at anytime, ever.

Furthermore, what would have happened had he continued with this prosecution and by some luck of the draw these kids were found innocent and the black community erupted into violence because they didn’t agree with the verdict? Would anyone hold him accountable for the damage, injuries or deaths that could have occurred?

His actions created a pretty big rift between the black and white community and it very easily could have gotten out of control. Whose responsible then?

Plus, now the families of these boys have a super duper law suit against the city because of him and guess who gets to pay that bill. The citizens, both black and white. How do you compensate them and their families for what they went through.

And here’s another thought. These kids won, mainly because they had a great team of defense attorney and because mom and dad could afford it. What happens to the kid that can only get a public defender to represent him. He’d be toast.

Yes, Nifong deserves jail time. A lot of jail time. In the general population.

Here’s your towel and soap, Nifong, have a good time.