Former North Carolina District Attorney Michael Nifong Face Prison Time Fines – Prison

Former District Attorney Michael Nifong is the most dangerous type of white-collar criminal in America. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials in general, maintain a thin, blue line between violent anarchy and civilization. Focus your thoughts for just a moment on an America where “the law” is as corrupt as the infamous mafia, past or present. You would live in a Darwinist, existential world where justice is only serves those who can afford it, or those powerful enough to use it as a weapon against citizens.

Many would agree that the melt down of our judicial system is well underway. Consider the O.J. Simpson trial. Where is the justice for Nichol’s family?

Consider the judicial imbalances that evolve around politics. America recently watched Congressman William Jefferson stuffing bribe money in the trunk of his car on an FBI video. Like Nifong, he is one in charge of our system. Remember Tom Delay? Nepotism in the extreme.

When Bill Clinton lied to America and to our highest courts, his entire administration, and his family, children not only mimicked his behavior with Monica, a low-level female government worker, they learned about how the President viewed women, especially in the workplace. Children are impressionable, and many think, if he can do it, why not me?

We know that there is nothing, nothing at all that Michael Nifong would not do for political advantage. Had this case been decided in his court and in his favor, these three students would have rotted in prison – all so Nifong could be assured an election win.

Meanwhile, we have the spectacle of a Washington DC judge suing a dry cleaner for tens of millions of dollars because his britches were lost. Our judicial system is corrupt, and Americans must clean it up.

When a society no longer believes in its own system of judicial prudence, anarchy and chaos will eventually tip the scales of justice the other way.

Put Nifong in the same prison that those young students would have served their time in had he cheated them out of their lives. He should serve the sum of typical sentences that each man would have received. This would set an example for other corrupt politicians, judges, and prosecutors that lord over the masses.