Former North Carolina District Attorney Michael Nifong Face Prison Time Fines – Prison

How about a severe term just like ones Hollywood bimbos get? A week in jail, followed by a month at a famous rehab center in Malibu, with gourmet foods, massages and cocktail hour each evening. Wouldn’t that be appropriate for a corrupt public servant who framed the Duke athletes so that he could get himself reelected? Hell, no!

No wonder Shaksespeare wrote, “First, kill all the lawyers.” The low-life guy adds another sleazy chapter to a profession that is already swimming in sleaze. This low-life district attorney should be put in jail for a long, long time, not only for committing serious felonies, but also because he was so stupid as to think he would get away with such an obvious frame-up job. Even mobsters like the Sopranos or Corleones wouldn’t pull such a lame-brained job as Nifong did.

Maybe the most ironic part of this charade is that what Nifong accused the Duke players of doing happens just about every night on campuses around the country. Those boys, while not criminal rapists, are not models of pristine student behavior. Many fraternities and off-campus clubs throw parties that include strippers, and many of the strippers also operate prostitution businesses along with their so-called dancing.

If Nifong was right in one area, it was knowing that many college guys with too much money and too much time for partying, are willing customers. It is a very easy step for the dancing prostitutes to earn more money by crying rape. However, assuming the Duke players fell into that obvious trap, and no matter what your attitude about morality, Nifong committed a serious crime and should pay for it.