Found Guilty Death Penalty Opps – Unjust

This execution of the “found guilty” and the death penalty can be assumed only by case of law, and it’s complex into protecting the victim and the financial capability of the accused. There was a time before DNA was established, probable cause was excepted and understood by the jury. 

I know one person who sat on such a jury 26 years ago and a man was put to death and in 1998, was found Innocent through the DNA process in 2004. HOWEVER he is dead, and his family has gone through horrific pain, and now the original murderer, has been caught. Is he dead, how many other people has he killed, is he still out there, inflicting pain?  NO under any circumstances should there be a death penalty. When a mass murderer, or even a one-time killer commits unspeakable crimes, even if they confess. We need to understand more as an intelligent society to study the complexity of the mind and why people feel the need to harm each other, instead of declaring a case closed, when the perpetrators can still be among us. It is a false security the judicial system is required to enforce and to close cases, creating error in the process, so political… so inhuman.

It is a demonstration of control in courage to leave a place without violence or retribution, giving us all a gratification that we as human beings, even as victims, can fight back and win… without reacting with revenge of spirit, and giving false hope of closure to the death of the murderer, to the families who hoped to achieve that through execution, it does not come.

These families hold on through 13 to 15 years of appeals, and see a peaceful death through injection for their punishment of their loved ones death, no peace, it is a let down. They really need to find out why and who the person is that took their family member away. Than throughout all that, they find out OOPS, his DNA did not match. Now we find out DNA (if you have enough money, can be planted) and most of the crime labs do not have the financing to check this out.

SO AGAIN NO< NO NO, I would rather have 10000 guilty go to prison for life and support them, than kill one Innocent human being. We all have to look at  stopping the violence, war. Every murderer was a baby once, and then what happened? The death of innocence.