Four Ways a Person Wastes a Paycheck

Stop spending a paycheck on junk! Every day people find themselves wasting their paycheck on items that can be found around the house. Items such as energy drinks, coffee, bottled water and dining out are a few examples of what junk people spend the paycheck on.

*Water bottles

Try using a stainless steel water bottle instead, these can be found at many health food stores, grocery stores or a local chain store such as Target or Wal-Mart. A joyous thing about these water bottles is that they often come in many styles and sizes. It is not necessary to have a boring plain steel water bottle, when there are many other decorative options available to a person. There are even Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob Square pants stainless steel water bottles for children.

*Dining out

Dining out is something that many single person and families do to avoid cooking. There are many excuses that are offered when it comes to dining out, however this is a waste of money to do every day. Often a person has all the items needed to create a meal out of leftover items and grocery items inside the home. For easy and fun cooking ideas there are many cookbooks and cooking websites online. A great example for recipes to make out of leftovers can be from Love Food Hate Waste.

*Renting movies

A lot of people, especially parents find themselves renting movies often. While Redbox or companies such as Blockbuster video might have many rentals available, these movies can add up fairly quick. The idea of renting a movie every night or every few nights whether it be for one dollar or four dollars can add up quite a bit. Try taking a look at a different way to rent movies. An example of this can be by looking into Netflix. Netflix is a great option to stream endless movies and television shows helping reduce the cost and need to rent new movies. This will help the pocketbook as well as give the family many choices to choose from on a daily basis.

*Energy drinks and coffee houses

Many people enjoy going to Starbucks and other coffee houses to get their coffee fix. Rather then spending five dollars on a latte, making a cup of coffee or using instant coffee from home can save tons in the long run. Imagine $5 per coffee at one coffee per day, for every day in a year. That’s almost $2,000 within one year. That’s a lot of pennies that add up quick. Energy drinks are also the same when it comes to the prices. An energy drink can be very common with those who are looking for quick energy as well, and do not drink coffee. Either way, eliminating these drinks will help save money in the long run.

As it can be seen from this article these four things can simply waste a paycheck. Getting rid of these frivolous expenses will not only help to keep more money in a pocket but give a person more money to enjoy other things. Saving up for a vacation, a holiday party with friends, or even to take the kids on a trip to Disneyland. Saving a few dollars on a daily basis can add up and help to stop wasting money from paychecks.