Four Ways to Cheaper Video Games

If you play video games, then you know that there is always that game that you really, really want, but it’s just too expensive. This article is here to help! Using the four tips included in here, you may just be able to get that one game that you’ve been wanting for awhile, all the while not emptying your wallet while doing so.

Tip Number 1: Patience!

The temptation to buy that new Xbox game that just came out and that you want so badly is high, however, it can cost you a bit of money. If you wait long enough, the game that you want to buy will usually lower in price. The drawback to this is that you usually have to wait at least a couple months, if not a year or so. This technique works best if only used with games that you’re not sure about or are new to and are not desperately craving for.

Tip Number Two:  On line Uploads

Buying your game  on-line is almost always cheaper, however, it may be even cheaper if, instead of having the latest Civilization game shipped to you in a package via a computer disc you upload the game from a reputable  on-line source, legally, after paying for it. This is usually one of the cheaper ways to buy newer computer games, and can even allow you to find new games that you never even heard about, and they are usually pretty cheap, too. The drawback to this tip is that it can only be used with game consoles that are connected to the  Internet and are able to download games from the  Internet. The number of which are steadily increasing each day, limiting the problems.  There is also one other important drawback to this: making sure your download is legal and is the real deal. This can be taken care of by taking a very hard look at the selling website/company and reading up about them through other venues as well as using good judgement.

Tip Number Three: Buy Used

Buying used games is a great way to save. Stores such as Gamestop and their partner/other store EB Games are practically household names in buying used games and are the best ones to look to for newer used games. For those who are looking for older games and game systems or want an even better deal, flea markets, auctions and yard sales are always good ideas. The bad part is that, if you are buying from someone other than the cashier at EB Games or Gamestop, you are at some risk for your game and/or game system not working properly or being a rip off completely. Thus, flea marketing and the such require a little more care and judgement than Gamestop or EB Games.  They can, however, yield some great finds and are usually pretty fun to go to.

Tip Number Four: Network

This last tip is a lot like tip number three in that the games are most likely used. However, the difference is that you are either trading games and/or cash with a person that you know for the game that you want. Simply asking around amongst friends, family and  acquaintances can yield some  surprising results. Allowing you to maybe even get a game or game system free or by trading another game or gaming system for it! It also has the added bonus of letting your friends and family what you may want for your birthday or  Christmas/other holiday as a gift. The problem here is that you may not be able to get a hold of the wanted game or gaming system this way, though there is very little risk involved otherwise.

With these four tips, you may just be able to get that Sims 3 expansion pack that you have been eyeing forever in Walmart, but just can’t bring yourself to buy for $40.00. Good Luck!