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Today, many companies are offering free samples of their products so that consumers can get a small “taste” of what they are selling and so the consumer can see how it is that a company operates and how important it is to find ways to introduce their product into the consumer market. There are many establishments that offer free samples and there are many outlets that these establishments utilize to offer free samples. Grocery stores, retail mall food courts and kiosks as well as the Internet all offer free samples. The United States Postal Service is also an outlet for companies to use to send free samples to the American consumer.

First, the grocery store. The grocery store on many occasions offer free samples through the companies that supply foods and other goods to the store. Cereals, drinks, meats and other items, especially from the bakery all offer free samples especially when the company offers new items. For instance, when a new cereal is introduced into the market, a table is usually set up with the cereal in small cups for the consumer to try. This is the same setup for different drinks, usually sodas and bottled water. Cosmetic companies that are introducing new products into the market may also provide free samples of these products inside the grocery store.

Second, the retail mall food court. The retail mall food court is a magnet for a way to get free samples. It is an on-going joke that if you want a free meal, go to a retail mall food court and most of the fast food establishments have someone standing out front and offering something to try. This is a daily, on-going marketing technique and most of the time seems to get the consumer to buy further product from the restaurant offering the free sample.

Third, the Internet is full of companies offering free product and samples. There are music companies and video and movie companies that offer free samples. Then there are also free e-readers and even samples of software to try before the full version is bought. Many times, the free version is just as good as the full version. Many free samples offered from company websites are good for downloading and other samples can be mailed to the consumer free of charge.

Fourth, the United States Postal Service is utilized by many companies to send out hundreds of thousands of free samples to the American consumer. Cosmetics, food, aspirin and even toiletries are sent in the mail and delivered to the mailbox of the consumer. This is always a popular way to receive free samples from different companies.

Especially in today’s economy, companies that sell a product are finding that by offering free samples, the consumer will either buy immediately or think about using the free sample and then buy the product afterward.