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I’m a serious free sample seeker (since 2004) and here are the best sites I’ve found.

I don’t know if I should admit this, but I have a serious addiction to getting free samples in the mail. I don’t take it so far as requesting every dang freebie under the sun, but I do like a good chocolate bar by mail every now and then. 

If you’re old or new to free sample seeking, then you know the muck you have to go through to find the product samples that are truly free. There are a lot of scams out there, or things that appear to be free samples, but are actually “free trials” and in turn you’re obligating yourself to buy something.

Here is a list of sites that I’ve used, some for years, that have free product samples that are really free, and that are updated often. Plus they don’t just snatch or grab from other sites so they have original content.

Free Stuff and Samples
This free product samples site has been around a long time and has proven it lists good, legitimate free samples. A lot of original offers are listed here. The free samples and coupon are broken down by category (free beauty samples, free health samples, etc.) with all offers appearing on the main category page. Very organized. You’ll find great stuff here.
This is a coupon code site, but it’s saved me a ton of money and they do have codes for freebies with purchase.

Free Samples
I like this site for coupons and the newest free samples. With the free samples they list, you have to grab them while you can because a lot are limited. So, check here for coupons and those cool free samples you always hear about after the fact and miss out on.

Latest Free Samples
This site is a news source that lists free samples, coupon stats, coupons, upcoming freebies, Facebook freebies, etc. from all the best sources. They get information direct from the companies/news sources so it’s a little different than other free sample sites.
Fat Wallet is a free samples forum.  I’ve used this site for years because they never fail to have unique freebies listed here. Plus other people comment on them so you get feedback about whether the link works or if you need a code. When you go to the main page, click the Forum tab.

So there you have it. Those are the sites used by someone who has been seeking samples online for years and has already sorted through the weeds so to speak. These sites are going to give you 100% samples, no surveys or free trials. If you like getting free stuff in the mail, you’ll love all the sites listed.