Free will Drafting Legal Probate

It is a common misconception that one requires a lawyer to be able to prepare a will. As such, it is important from the outset to shatter this myth that it is going to be expensive to get a will drawn up. First of all, to set the record straight and hopefully set the tone for why it is possible to get a will for free:-

(a) a will does not not have to be prepared by a lawyer, or even someone who is legally qualified; and

(b) a will can be written on anything, and in some cases, can even be sufficient if it is done verbally (although this is not recommended!)

However, that being said, this article would caveat that while it is possible to get a will for free, you may still wish to engage a lawyer or a professional to draft your will or at least vet it. As the saying goes, “good things are not free, and free things are not good”. As such, if you really want to protect your rights and ensure that your wishes are honored, you may want to engage a lawyer to assist.

Notwithstanding the above, this article is intended to address the ways in which it is possible to get a will for free. Here are some of the more simple ways:-

1. Do It Yourself

Of course, the old saying proves right again: “if you want something done, do it yourself”. Perhaps it should be modified to read “If you want something free, do it yourself”. As mentioned above, it is possible for you to draft your own will without any intervention from a lawyer or a legally qualified professional. As long as you understand the basics, a home-made will can and will be perfectly valid, provided the basic requirements are met. Before you put pen to paper though, make sure that you do some general reading on the requirements of a will, so that you do inadvertently end up writing an invalid and unenforceable will.

2. Ask a Friend

What are friends for? If you have a friend who is a lawyer, why not approach one of them for pro-bono advice and assistance in preparing a will. Friends are there to lend a hand, after all. As such, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This way you will get some legal advice, hopefully for free. Don’t take advantage of your friends, though!

3. Go Online

In this modern era, almost everything can be found online. Simply search google for templates of wills and you should be able to find something that will suit your fancy. If you are stuck, go to online message boards and see if there is someone who can assist you. As usual, exercise caution when using online material as it may not necessarily be accurate or correct. Therefore, don’t rely on this online resource blindly and instead, try to get someone who is qualified to confirm what you have found.