Freecreditreportcom Free Credit Report Credit Report 7 day FREE trial is actually a scam to get your credit card number and charge you a monthly fee as stated by new members. So far this company has been faced with over 1.25 million dollars in class action lawsuits and over 2,600 complaints from new members trying to get out of their unknown contracts as claimed by the Better Business Bureau because they are NOT “FREE” as highly advertised over TV and internet. Getting out of these contracts requires a lot of “hard work” by phone and internet.

Unfortunately, the word “FREE IS NO LONGER FREE?” Companies like and are ripping-off worldwide consumers off everday by getting their credit card number by advertising a simple 7 day FREE trial or 30 day FREE trial via TV commercials and internet. What consumers all around the world DO NOT realize is the fact that it’s literally impossible to get out of these “Hidden Contracts” simply because they did NOT read the fine print in their website.

Consumers of and have called customer service with these so-called “FREE” internet companies trying to cancel, and it seems the only thing they get is a Tele-Marketing “expert” whom is telling them how great this company really is? You can spend as much as 30 minutes hassle with these experts trying to convince them that you do not want their service and they will still NOT remove your credit card file, although they have the authority.

Believe it or NOT, these customer service tele-marketing representative “Experts” actually make a commission off what they call a “Sale” if you do not cancel their services. Most consumers just simply “Give Up or Hang Up” during the cancellation process over the phone and are continuously charged a monthly rate for these so-called “FREE SERVICES”.

Credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard are confused or at least that’s what they state? Simply meaning that the consumer of this product or services should have read the FINE print in this websites privacy policy before making this purchase. In other words, you should have your attorney present to read over this agreement before making this simple “FREE” purchase?

Most consumers here in the U.S. have agreed that the best “FREE” credit report without any problems is a website called simply because they have NO TV advertisement or Internet advertisement. And Never ask you for a credit card number.

Any intelligent person that has reasonable credit will understand the word “FREE” in TV commercials and even over the internet will most likely NOT give in to these fraudulent people their credit card number. However, if they do, they should not feel “stupid” in anyway, simply because they have been convinced of these elaborate TV and internet commercials and very simple websites. Fortunately, FTC regulations will eventually break down and understand consumer litigation as time goes on.

If you honestly think about it? How can a company advertise a product or service for “FREE” by using a million dollar TV commercial over and over? It’s obvious that will go down in history as one of the greatest TV and internet scam artist in history. (Ironically these musicians during their TV commercials are truthfully playing their instruments and deserve more credit for these “stupid” commercials).

My advice as a Market Research expert, DO NOT join any company that advertises the word” FREE” anywhere over the internet or even call the number on your TV screen. Unfortunately, these fraudulent companies seem to prey on the elderly at times, so I would advise keeping a close eye on your parents so they do not get suckered into these expensive games that companies like and play on internet consumers.