Freedom of Speech

America is the one true free country in the world.  We are supposed to say what we want as long as it does not contain hate, or hurts another physically. When government tries to stop that freedom we must fight with all of our might or we will lose that right. 

Words can never hurt anyone.  The use of words is the alternative to fighting. A good debate can insure progress and the alternative may lead to war.  When one has his words taken away it is usually political.  Their are many sides to the political argument, and sometimes those who are exposed by words want the words to stop.  America was built on freedoms and to lose any of them would be a shame.

It would be very easy for a politician to stop us from speaking out and when they try, we need to question the reasons carefully.  If the reason is to ensure that no evil doing is afoot, we need to expose that more than ever.  To take the words away from Americans, is to go against the Constitution and to go against the Constitution is Anti American.

The use of words is a trust given to us by the greatest nation in the world.  America is where the rest of the world wants to be.  These people know what it is like to have speech taken away from them and some even thrown in prisons for speaking out.  It is all about rights given to us by our founding fathers.  These are not called rights for nothing, it is what is right.

In this day and age of political correctness, we have become over-sensitive when it comes to words.  The good news is, when we are free to use words that offend others, they lose their power to offend and simply go away.  The bad news is, we are forced to hide the words that offend so they live on forever.  When we are allowed to say anything we wish, we live free.  When we are forced to stay silent, we live in fear. I for one love the idea of freedom and feel I am very lucky to be living in America the best place on Earth.

In closing, thanks for the read and I hope you hear the words for this, these words, are what we use to separate the greatness from the evil countries of the world.