Freelance Income Reasons to use your Online Pay to Pay Bills

Although earnings from online freelancing positions is not always the same amount from month to month, there are some great reasons to use online pay to pay your bills.  Freelancers may be paid on a weekly basis, a monthly basis or a twice monthly basis which can be somewhat disconcerting, but with careful planning, paying bills using online pay can be very helpful.

Avoiding end of month blues

Since those who freelance typically have erratic earnings, when there are earnings, it is probably a good idea to use them immediately to pay a bill.  This can help avoid late fees, unpaid bills at the end of the month and will help avoid the temptation to spend freelance earnings by shopping online.  While it is not always possible to sync online earnings with due dates, using online pay to pay bills can help avoid the “too much month left at the end of the money” feeling that many experience.

Sense of accomplishment

Freelancers who are seeking motivation may find that by using the earnings they are accumulating from their online work to pay bills, they have a strong sense of accomplishment. Even in instances where only one credit card bill may be able to be paid, most freelancers will find that this motivates them to work harder and smarter to earn more money.

Easy access

Fortunately, many online payment methods allow you to pay bills such as cable, electricity and credit cards online using some popular methods.  Some payment options include PayPal (where you can request a debit card), transferring to an online bank account for automated payments or Google Checkout which is becoming more popular with vendors.  Some of these options would allow those who are interested in using online pay to pay bills to pay a very low fee (although they do save postage costs).  In other cases (such as the PayPal Debit card) there are no fees to use it to pay a bill if the vendor accepts MasterCard and freelancers can earn additional cash back depending on the type of PayPal account they have.


Many freelancers are fortunate enough to earn sufficient income on a monthly basis to help them pay everyday bills including credit cards, utility bills and even rent.  Those who are interested in using their online pay to pay bills should explore the fees involved and decide what works best for them.  Most freelancers experience a boost in self-confidence and in motivation when they are able to use their online pay to pay bills.  For those who are freelancing part-time this is a positive step towards financial freedom.