Frugal Habits to Adopt now

Thanks to the high cost of living, the ‘Almighty’ dollar is giving us less goods and services. The price of food supplies, gas, insurance, rental and mortgage have increased astronomically. And, as the unemployment market continues to be in the double digits in many states it certainly warrants us to penny pinch as much as possible. In order to rise above this, it is best to find creative ways to keep you and your loved ones ‘above water.’ Frugal habits worth adopting during these challenging times will allow one to ‘weather the storm.’ Some of the habits one can incorporate in daily living are:

Shop with coupons and ask for discounts

If you have not started utilizing coupons when you shop, it is time to commence. The printed media still carries great coupons in your local newspapers and by mail. In today’s computer age, one has the great access to download attractive offers in the form of coupons that will aid in you saving a bundle when you shop at your favorite department store, supermarket and even dining out. There is no need to feel intimidated when presenting your coupons at the check out. Being able to save on an item is like having extra cash in your pocket.

Also, don’t be shy to request for discounts and specials when purchasing clothing at the department stores. Shopping with cash at your local farmer’s market can enable you to ask your favorite vendor for discounts. They expect you to haggle.

Thrift shop

One can acquire excellent deals at thrift shops. Naturally, you are not going to purchase certain items that are tattered. However, if you are building a library at home, the thrift shop is a great place to find books in great conditions being sold at very cheap prices (sometimes, at 99cents per copy). Now that is priceless. Many of these shops carry designer duds, maybe worn once or twice. All it entails is to dry clean and whoa, you have that perfect fit that will be the envy of the ball!

Eat out less

There is nothing like an appetizing home-cooked meal compared to those prepared at the various eateries. Many restaurant meals are loaded with high sodium, sugar and saturated fats.Of course, a daily diet of meals of this kind will ultimately lead to hypertension, stroke diabetes and other obese related illnesses. Cooking at home allows you to utilize wholesome ingredients that will provide the ultimate taste and nutrition that your body and palate crave. Moreover, you will save quite a few dollars creating the meals that you like which consist of the right amount of sodium, sugar and fat.

Avoid too much trendy clothes, etc.

Shopping for the latest clothes, shoes and other items are very tempting. You are always bombarded with these goods in the media, internet, printed press and bill boards. The thing is about fad is that they go out of style very rapidly. Therefore, the following year, there is always something new. It is best to purchase just a few pieces of these items. However, it is adviceable to shop for more non trendy items that will go from year to year. No one wants to be stuck with many garments that seem to belong to another place in time. That action equals money sitting your your closet.

Some economists and other financial experts have stated that the recession is over. However, we are the ones who are feeling the financial strains within our households. Therefore, it best to gain control by practicing some of the above frugal habits that will give you a certain peace of mind. One great way to get cooperation is to get the entire family on board.