Frugal living makes for happy living

Living frugally might not actually bring happiness, especially when there is no cause to live frugally, but it shouldn’t necessarily detract from it. Living according to means will assuredly alleviate problems associated with debt and issues such as paying for children’s’ education, financing retirement at a pre-retirement standard of living.

Whatever is decided, the human spirit is sure to find ways of adapting to particular situations when the extras in life happen, and that is the best reason not to squander money when it is plentiful. Lack of stress, which is another way of greeting each new day with enthusiasm, comes from having a hefty savings that is a cushion against those unforeseen events that inevitably have a way of cancelling out the joy of living. 

What are some ways of cutting down on spending and ensuring more comfortable lifestyles?

Know what it is that makes you most happy

Review past situations that gave you joy and contentment and made you wish for more of the same. It could have been any of the following: Saying no to an extravagant party that you knew would lead to guilt and regrets later;  being able to give money to a cause that was dear to your heart; having the money to afford braces for your child; being asked to lead the charity efforts at church or paying rent to get a former friend off the streets.

Understanding the value of money

Money is only a medium of exchange, a convenience, and to flaunt it as if it makes you a better person than those who now have lost their homes is wrong. Its only role is in purchasing power and to use it to buy esteem is wrong. Esteem comes from genuine qualities, and among those is the ability to use money wisely for family and community values.

Yet, although having money or knowing to save it wisely, is a good quality, it is one that should be shared. For example, an astute person in the community that is looked up to for advice can make things clear when issues arise by forming a group that promote understanding. There are reasons for the rules, and sometimes a little explaining from a resident and not the hierarchy will do wonders.

Another way to live frugally is to buy only what is needed, and deciding it makes more sense to uphold the environment rather than dumping household furnishings and eating out at expensive restaurants when eating at home would not only be healthier, but also more frugal. Being frugal does not mean being stingy, nor does it mean going unkempt and scrounging the neighborhood looking to retrieve something useful from dumpsters. Being frugal is making every penny count. 

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of being content and having a feeling of joy. It can be identified by these situations: Getting out of bed some bright morning, looking out upon the world and having a feeling of all is right with it. It is such a wonderfully great feeling that it may make you want to run right out and share, or to phone or text a friend a cheery greeting; but you don’t. While you love this friend you also know that she would think you are nuts.

Did money buy this? or did it come from something deep within? Perhaps it arose during one of those fleeting times that are somewhat rare and that come when they are most needed. Maybe it came from soul searching, or prayer or maybe out of the blue. Money did not buy it, but it may be the catalyst for money being spent wisely. Doing so might allow you to see others have some of this happiness that you enjoy.