Frugal Tips for School Lunches

The most important rule to remember for frugal tips for school lunches is that not only should the lunches be cheap in their cost but also easy to prepare and also lasting, remembering that you child will not end up eating this lunch until at least 5 hours after you have prepared it!

So bearing this in mind the cheapest lunch that comes to mind is the ever common sandwich. The sandwich that is made with two slices of bread, either white or brown, and which can be filled with virtually anything and everything.

A variety of fillings include the following:

1. cheese and ham slices with a lettuce leaf and a slither of sald dresing and black peppar sprinkled on top.

2. sliced chicken breast, curry powder, mayonnaise and lettuce leaves.

3. tinned tuna, tomatoes and cucumber.

4. french omelette and fried mushrooms.

5. hard boiled eggs and tomatoes.

6. and just simple peanut butter!

All of the above sandwiches are relatively easy to prepare in no more than five minutes and will more or less fill the stomache of your child up until he gets back home in the afternoon.

Another way of sending him off with a packed lunch that will quench his hunger is to give him a tupperware filled with either a russian salad (potatoes, carrost, tuna, hard boiled eggs, green olives and mayonnaise), or maybe a chicken salad. The chicken salad would consist of diced chicken, mayonnaise, sliced red peppars, and a touch of curry powder to add a little bit of oomph to the meal!

Another idea is to roll out a piece of pastry, spread onto it diced chicken, diced potatoes and diced carrots and roll it up into a sort of a sausage. Cook it in the oven the night before and then wrap up in aluminium foil for your child to take to school. When he comes to eating it, it will obviously be cold but the pastry, potatoes and carrots will give him his carbohydrates and the chicken his protein, ending up in a good and satisfying meal.

Another idea is to cook a casserole consisting of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, green beans, peppars and onions with a chicken stock and maybe even a bit of rice added and once all was cooked poured into a thermos flask so that your child could even enjoy the luxury of having a warm meal.