Frugal Tips for Single Moms

One of the many difficulties that single parents face is finding enough money to go around. One parent means one income, and this has to cover all a household’s needs. By following a few frugal tips, single moms can save money and spread their money a little further. Here are some tips for single moms for frugal living.

Make cheap meals

Making a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Many ingredients are bought cheaply and will still make a fantastic meal. Stock up on cheaper items that will last a long time, such as rice, pasta and tinned goods; this will also prevent food waste. Shopping frequently can also help you to make cheap meals because you will avoid wasting food and you can buy food with a short shelf life and use it immediately. These items will usually be reduced.

Use leftovers

Don’t throw food away! If you make a roast, use the leftovers for meals the following day. The meat can be used for sandwiches, the stock can be used for soups and the vegetables can be bound together and fried to make veggie burgers. Think of creative ways to make your food last longer and still be tempting to the children.

Look for deals and coupons

Businesses like to attract customers and once they have got them they like to keep them. One way that they do this is to offer deals, coupons and loyalty schemes. Shop around and look for the best deals rather than simply shopping at the same stores all the time as you will make savings this way. Use price comparison sites or websites that offer coupons. Look in newspapers and magazines for money off vouchers.

Grow your own vegetables

Vegetables can be relatively easy to grow and a packet of seeds won’t break the bank. Also, you don’t necessarily need a lot of space, or even a garden, to grow vegetables as many can be grown in planters on the windowsill. By growing some of your own food you can save money on your grocery shopping.

Use less gas and electricity

After the cost of accommodation and food, utilities are one of the biggest bills that have to be paid. Reducing your use of gas and electricity can greatly reduce the amount that you spend. Simple steps such as turning down the boiler or setting it on a timer, drying clothes outside or on the radiators instead of in the tumble drier and remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room are all simple ways of reducing living costs.


Many items are recyclable; rather than wasting money on expensive storage containers, save any sturdy plastic boxes and glass jars and reuse these for storage. Similarly, old items of clothing can be repaired or transformed into a new item if you learn a few needle skills, rather than simply disposing of old clothes and replacing them with new.


As a single mom, it can be difficult to meet all the costs of day-to-day living. However, by putting some thought into some simple ways to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle, single moms are better able to meet these costs and save money in the process.