Ftc Crackdown on Blogs

The White House once again has been banging the drum to silence the free speech of bloggers on the Internet. Most people pay little attention to what is being said on this issue, but I can tell you, that the message of censorship is probably the most serious threat to American liberties in many years.

People who blog as a hobby, or write for a living, have come under the scrutiny from the government for a variety of reasons, but the primary reason is that it threatens their political agenda and acts a counterweight to their attempt to seize power from the people.

Recently, the media has not just moved to the left, it has become a tool of the left, and most certainly the White House. In fact the ABC chief news correspondent, George Stephanopoulos , is a former Clinton advisor. NBC sells Obama ‘action figures’ in its own gift shop, and CBS is so comfortable with its own liberalism that if often steps on journalistic ethics in order to slant its stories (remember Dan Rather and the Bush affair?)

So when bloggers write stories and columns and take a different approach, it threatens to shine a light on the dirty dealings of the left and threatens their ability to push an unpopular and unAmerican agenda through Congress. The White House is very aware that Congress is highly sensitive to public pressure and the will of the American people, and is also sensitive to the effect that outlets they can’t control, such a radio and the Internet (at least not yet) can have on Congressional votes. It also takes away from their readership of their failing newspapers, and undermines the ability to generate revenues from its state sponsored propaganda machine.

And the White House knows this.

They are trying to paint bloggers and free writers as hate mongers and racists. Why? Because it is probably the most hateful thing, short of child molestation, that you can accuse another person of. The left wants to break right wing radio and right wing bloggers. They will try to do this through expansion of the FCC’s powers and block the transmission of free speech through their legislation of the Internet. They will make loud speeches about ‘hate speech’ and blame things like Sherrod incident on those that speak up, rather than on their own fearful boobery. 

Bloggers who write their columns today are similar to the actions of those patriots who wrote pamphlets on freedom 250 years ago. They are the same individuals whose pamphlets inspired a nation to rise up against unjust laws from a tyrant king. They are not hate mongers, they are ordinary citizens expressing their right to question the acts of its leaders. This is fundamental to what America is- the right of freedom of speech. And since the clowns in the White House have no real understanding of what truly makes America great, it is no wonder they attempt to paint e-writers as something less than savory.

They equate a blogger who dares to question the supremacy of the White House as someone who yells ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre. 

Well it’s not wrong to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.

Not if the building is on fire.