Full Time Income how to Invest

You can earn a full-time Income through High Yield Investment Programs but you can’t predict the return from HYIPs with 100% accuracy. It is difficult to track the administrator of a HYIP so you should know that if you lose money in a program turned into a Scam there isn’t a way to get it back.

The online payment system used to invest online in such a program will not be able to give you a total refund if the program is closed (Alertpay may give partial refunds but not total refunds).

If you open a case in court against a scammer, the legal procedures will take a very long time until a verdict will be given and in all this time your lawyer fees will reach an amount greater than the one lost by you. You should consider HYIPs like casinos because investing in a HYIP is similar to playing games at a casino. You never know for sure when you win or lose.

The concept of “test spend” or “test deposit: should be practiced each time when you make an investment in a High Yield Investment Program.

A “test spend” is a small deposit made in a HYIP that you just joined in order to test its viability. When you join a program you should not invest a large amount before making a test spend.

With a test spend you can see whether a high yield investment program is good or not. For example, you can see how fast a HYIP process your withdrawal requests. A test spend is should be used especially at new HYIPs because you will not find more information about it searching the internet. You will not know if a new HYIP is a scam or not because it was just launched so making a test deposit will help you to test the program and see if it is paying or not. If a a program is serious and it will credit all your interests for your test spend and process all your withdrawal requests on time then you can deposit a considerable amount and earn huge profits.

If you will make a test spend but you will not get paid then you will not invest more. You will lose your test deposit but at least you will not lose a large amount (the amount that you had planned to invest in this program when you joined). The test spend should not be more than $50.

If a High Yield Investment Program is managed by a serious team then your test spend should earn all the promised interest, all your withdrawal requests should be paid on time and they should answer all your questions.