Gang Violence

Gang violence has been around for decades. The gangs of today are not organised anymore and this is where the innocent get killed or injured. I used to be in a gang I joined when I was 13. I did not join because I like causing people pain I joined because as a youth if you are not the criminal you are an easy target. The gang was not well organised at all we each went about our own “activities”, because we were part of the gang we felt power we felt that we could do what we wanted when we wanted to do it this is where the violence kicks in.

The power trip that we were on was causing us to harm innocent people not because it had any use to us but because in our own minds we were “bigger” because of it. Causing people pain showed that you were strong and a force not to be messed with. Let me give you some “un-written” rules the innocent must abide by otherwise they become a target.

1. If you are from an area outside the gangs “turf” don’t go into the gangs “turf”.
2. Reporting incidents to the police will lead to a hospital visit.
3. Don’t try to help others who have been injured by the gang.
4. Never stand up to the gang.

These are but a few of the many rules, as you can see by the above it is easy to become a target. In a gang we have tantrums like little kids the exception is that kids throw teddies across the room, we throw knifes and bullets across the street.

In the old days gangs used to get on with their business and the only time an innocent got injured was by being caught in crossfire or doing something to seriously upset the gang. Nowadays you can get killed for simply walking down the wrong road at the wrong time.

I ended up running the gang that I joined, I organised it so that the gang members knew their place they knew what to do and when to do it. Rather then hurt innocent people I told the gang to target drug dealers for stealing cash. I told them to kick in drug dealers if they wanted to. In the end the police cottoned on to what we were doing they knew that our violence was not aimed at innocent people but it was aimed at the scum (worse then us) of society, we did not deal in drugs from the dealers I hate drugs in fact during my reign as “The Don” we put 23 dealers into hospital and burned down 6 drug dens. The police caught up with me through a lower member of the gang and I got 230Hrs of community service (because I was not directly involved in the beatings or arson). The gang has now dissolved and drug use in the local area has increased by about 70%. Would you call the violence that my gang performed bad or good?

So concluding if a gang is organised less innocent people get killed or injured, however if a gang is unorganised it’s a bomb waiting to go off.