Generate Income by Buying Domain Names

Domaining, or the process of buying and selling domain names, has been around since the advent of the internet. Many people have made a lot of money doing this. Some have even become millionaires. In return, a whole industry has sprung up dedicated to helping people make money buying and selling domain names.

The first valuable domain names were based on the first thing that always invades a new technology: sex. Domain names ideal for porn sites were the first names bought and sold for a whole lot of money. That is because porn sites were very dominant early on. Since they were the sites with the most visitors, domainers were willing to pay more for them, which leads to how domainers make money.

One of the main ways domainers make money is pay owning a website and hosting ads on them. This can be done various ways. One of the easiest ways is by using Google AdSense. After approving a site, Google will put three small text ads on the site. Google and the site will divide the money received from clicking on the advertisement.

Website owners can also hosts other types of ads are their websites. They can host banner ads on their website. Banner ads are the big, visual ads on the top of the page that sometimes have the games that no one plays. They can also have ads in the text of their websites. Using this method, individual words in the text of a page are turned into links to advertisements.

If a domainer doesn’t want to run his own website, he can let an aggregator take over the website. The aggregator will out a bunch of links related to the website’s domain name on the page. This way the people who type in the domain name looking for generic information will click on one of the links, with money going to the owner, the aggregator, and the ad provider, which is usually Google.

The main way domainers make a lot of money is when they get a big sellout. This usually happens when a domainer holds many names that are valuable or even just one that is very valuable. It is easy to see how this could make a lot of money when some domain names are worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If someone owns even a couple great names, they could get a really rich payout.

It is easy to see how some people use the buying and selling of domain names to make money. It can be very financially rewarding. As long as the right research is done, getting started is pretty easy. All that is needed is a computer.