George Jo Hennard Jr a Mini Biography of a Mass Murderer

A Mini Biography About Serial Killer, George Jo Hennard Jr
George Jo Hennard Jr. A Massacre at Luby’s

George Jo Hennard Jr. was just 35 years old on the day that he decided to take hundreds of lives and turn them all upside down. Just a couple of days after his 35th birthday, George decided to get back at whoever he decided had done him wrong and commit one of the most horrifying massacre’s anyone has ever seen.

George, like many other serial killers left many clues to others that he was more then capable of doing something this horrific. He was once described as a nice young boy with long hair that was in a band and was cool. All that seemed to change one day when him and his father had a violent confrontation that George would never admit to. George then changed into a very cold hearted and mean spirited person. He would often fight with others, shout obscenities at others etc…He was always angry and very withdrawn.

George had a neighbor who was a woman and she had two daughters. George already didn’t like women from a young age. He had even talked to a roommate about killing his mother more then once. He decided to stalk the woman and her daughters. He was everywhere they were. He would write letters to the girls. When the girl’s mother went to the police they told her that they could not do anything about it. He was not committing any crimes, he had never harmed any of them. So she would have to just protect herself until he tried to do something and then call them.

On October 16th life went on as usual at a busy Luby’s restaurant. The place had almost 200 customers and workers there that day. The parking lot was full so many people had to just turn away and go somewhere else. George was abnormally calm that day, witnesses would later say. He seemed almost at peace. It was a deadly calm though and George took his Glock 17 and Ruger p-89 and his light blue pickup truck and drove it through the glass window of Luby’s.

That’s when the nightmare began. He got out and just started shooting people. It was later said that George just calmly went through the restaurant just shooting anyone and everyone. He would often put the gun right at the person’s head or body. There was one woman and her daughter that were released. That was after George coldly shot the woman’s mother right in front of her. He turned to her and told her to take her then 4 year old daughter and run. As he shot people he would shout, “This is what Bell County did to me!” He definitely seemed to single out lots of women. In fact at least fourteen victims were women. One big man threw himself through the glass to make an escape for him and some of the other patrons. After it was all said and done, George killed 23 people and wounded 20 more. The police chased him into the bathroom where he then killed himself.

The restaurant was described by police to look like a slaughterhouse from a horror movie. There were bodies, broken glass, bullets and blood everywhere. There was no reason for the killing. The killer left behind no note or any clue as to why he did what he did. His father later stated that he thought George might have suffered from an aneurysm but nothing was found in the autopsy report. There was no alcohol or drugs found.

The only clues that George was going to commit this sort of horrific act came from George himself. He often told people that one day they would all see what he was capable of. He swore on many occasions that he would do something to this affect. He also had a background as a merchant marine, so that means he would have had training with many weapons. So like many other serial killers, George just killed because he felt the need to do it. No explanations, no apologies, nothing. Just another senseless massacre of many many innocent people. That Luby’s restaurant didn’t close down until 2000 and that was due to much competition. After the massacre many people still went there to eat. It was a favorite place for many people.