Get an Advance on your next Paycheck

How to Ask Your Employer For An Advance On Your Next Paycheck

When times are tough and you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes you need to borrow money to get by.  Many people don’t realize that some companies will offer employees an advance in pay.  This means that an employer will give an employee their paycheck or part of their paycheck a week or two early.  Here are some tips for asking for an advance on your next paycheck from your employer when you need it.

Make a list of reasons why you need an advance in your next paycheck.  Be sure your reasons are credible and important.  For example: you are behind in bills, you need to make a house payment, you need to purchase items for your children.  An employer will be more likely to front you part or all of your next paycheck if they feel you truly need it.  Give him a good reason for needing the money fast.  Don’t be afraid to open up to him about your needs.  Most employers are understanding and know, especially with the tough economy, that times are hard for most families.

Speak to your boss first and ask him the best way to approach your higher up manager or director.  Usually, your boss is not the person that can offer you an advance in your paycheck.  Most advances in money must go through a higher up manager who approves the paycheck advance.  Gain support from the first manager in line.  This will make it easier to get money from the company you work for instead of going it alone.

Assure your employer that he can trust you when asking for an advance on your next paycheck.  Give your employer reasons why he should give you an advance in pay.  Have you been a good employee?  Are you reliable and timely?  Have you been at the company for some time?  Think of reasons why your employer should do you a favor.  If you’ve been a respectable employee, have not missed a lot of time, and have done good for the company, your employer will be more willing to help you out with an advance on your next paycheck.

Be professional when requesting an advance on your paycheck from your employer.  Schedule a meeting to speak with him, be prepared with a good story, and dress nice and business-like.  If your employer sees you as a professional, he will be more likely to grant your request for an advance on your next paycheck.  The objective is to be on a level playing field with your employer.  When he respects you as a professional, he will be more likely to help you out.

Helpful Tips:

* Speak openly and honestly to your employer about why you need an advance in pay…appeal to his sensitivity.

* If you are a struggling single parent, say so…most people know how hard it is to raise a child alone and are more likely to help out in this situation.

* If your employer will not offer you the advance in pay, try going to your company’s credit union, if there is one…a credit union will offer you a loan and take the monthly payments out of each paycheck.