Get Money Fast when You’re Broke

When the going gets tough, it is time to get going and find ways to bring in some additional cash in a hurry.

If you have a full-time job, you could borrow from a payday loan office until you get your next paycheck, but with the high interest rates those places charge you could be setting yourself up for massive debt later.

By finding creative (and perhaps fun) ways to make money, you may even stumble onto something lucrative that could provide added income for years to come.

Listing items on Craigslist or eBay, having a garage sale or heading to a pawnshop are good ideas to help you get cash fast, but here are others to consider:

Sell books, CD, DVDs on

It is pretty easy to set up a store on to sell good used books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Start selling today and you could have money in as little as two weeks

Just log on to Amazon and look up book titles and other items to see what they are listing for. List yours accordingly.

While Amazon does take a cut and you have to pay for shipping, you can usually get more for your things than selling to a used bookstore or at a garage sale. Make sure you give a correct description of the item’s condition and ship the items as required.

Hock your precious metals

With the price of gold going through the roof, you will find a jeweler on every corner willing to buy this precious metal. Even broken jewelry pays a premium because it is the gold content that is valuable. But don’t sell to the first jeweler you visit. Go to several reputable locations to get the best offer possible. Avoid pawnshops.

Platinum is worth even more than gold. Silver is also valuable, but is not nearly as much in demand.

Profit from a hobby

What are you good at? Make a list of your skills and hobbies.

If you like to garden, you could sell the herbs, plants, fruits or vegetables you produce. If you like to bake, offer to make cookies or a cake for friends, relatives and neighbors for a small fee. If you like to read and write, consider helping high school or college students hone their skills. If you can sew, offer to make alterations or create clothes for others for a fee. The possibilities are endless.

Get a temporary, part-time job

If you are broke and need money fast, this is not time to let your pride get in the way. Look for delivery jobs, catering work, limo service, house or hotel cleaning or anything to make a quick buck. These types of jobs usually don’t require a lot of skill or experience, and pay pretty quickly. Ask friends and family for references. (It used to be called “moonlighting,” which has a nicer sound to it.)

Donate your blood plasma

Most blood centers are in need of plasma from healthy donors and they will pay a decent price for it. While it may seem like a last resort solution to your money needs, remember the plasma you give may help save someone’s life.

Getting through tough financial times isn’t easy, but if you look around and see what valuables you have, including the valuable skills you possess, you can get the money you need to help you get back on your feet in no time.