Get out of Debt

There are many things you can do to get out of debt. Try some of the following:

1)Write to your creditors if you can’t pay the minimum amount each month and see if they Will agree to freeze the accounts so you pay no more interest or charges as they will just get you into more debt that you already can’t afford.

2)Budget. Look at your lifestyle. If your living beyond your means are there things you can cut back on

3)Reduce your bills. Turn the television off to save electric, use candles in the evening, don’t have take away as it is actually more expensive. Try switching suppliers, or getting a better deal from your current one.

4)Look for freebies. Lots of companies give out free samples of shampoo, condition, body wash, perfume, soap powder. See if you can get some to save a bit of money.

5)Stop spending money that you just haven’t got.

6)See if you can get over time at work, or take on a part time job. A couple of extra hours a week until your back on your feet will really help. If your willing to work hard then you can get out of debt sooner than you think!

7)Sell stuff. We all have things round the house that we don’t use and don’t really want if were honest, so make some extra money and pay off some of that debt!

8)Be honest to yourself. Do you really need that extra top, or trousers, or watch or whatever it may be. Are there better ways you could spend that money?

9)Have an extra room? Rent it out. You can make a lot of money from renting a room.

10)Use your knowledge and skills. Make things and sell, provide a service to people you know.

11)Check whether you are entitled to any benefits. People are not always paid benefits when they are entitled as they don’t claim. Make sure your not one of them.

There are lots of ways to increase income and reduce outgoing. You have to keep you eyes open for the next opportunity.