Get out of Debt

I think that the answer for getting out of debt is fairly simple. It involves both your self control, creative financing, and a shredder.

First off, you can’t accomplish anything you don’t have the self control (self discipline) to do it! The next time you see something at the store that you think that you need, take a minute to step and really think this over, “Do I really need this? How would my life be different if I had this?” and if the answer to either of those questions is “no”, then you don’t need that item: so don’t get it.

Peer pressure. Peer pressure is just the pressure of one’s friends, or peers. And even as an adult, you may be pressured into going shopping, when you don’t need anything, or going out to eat several times a week. And these are all things that you don’t need to do (often), and the money that you would’ve spent there, can be put towards getting you debt free. So, the next time one of your friends asks you to go out to dinner with them, and you say that you don’t have the money: gently remind them that they’re always welcome to treat you to a dinner. And that should help take care of any peer pressure there may be.

Now for the Creative Financing bit. This is a very broad term that describes simply that: getting creative with your financing. Examples are: such things as finding ways to shave just pennies off of your phone bill, just to put the saved money towards paying off your debt. Or maybe paying an extra twenty dollars a month on your mortgage, or credit card bill. Almost anything goes, as long as it’s legal, and the extra money is put towards something financially beneficial. In this case, towards debt.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Go out and buy the cheapest shredder that can shred thick plastic that you can find! Buy, and bring it home. Next, set it up next to your desk, or wherever else you open your mail. Whenever you get a credit offer: don’t open it, just stick the whole thing through your shredder. Do the same for offers to refinance your home or car, and just shred the advertisements as well. Oh, and have fun with the shredding!

So, now you have it! Go out there and lose that debt! But remember, it won’t be easy.