Getting Car Insurance for less

No one wants to spend more more than they have to.  One large expense in most people’s budget is car insurance. There are some factors that determine the cost of the insurance that are fixed but there are also some that are worth looking at to see if small modifications can result in a lower car insurance bill.

Place all insurance with the same company

There is usually a discount in the rate charged if car insurance is carried by the same insurance company that handles homeowners or apartment rental insurance. Discuss the discount with a qualified agent. The Internet is a great tool but when it comes to the fine details it is often better to talk to a live agent. Many companies have either a local office or if not, use the Internet to find a phone number for an agent who deals with the company. Some agents are exclusive and others deal with a variety of companies. It may be beneficial to consider going to another company if the rates are more favorable.

Check the deductible

Deductible is something that can be changed. Policies start at very low deductibles and go quite high. Most people have a deductible of $250 or $500.  With the price of car insurance, changing the deductible to $1000 can save enough money to pay for that deductible if it should ever need to be used.

Shop around

Don’t be afraid to shop around. The Internet has made this relatively easy. Compare prices between different companies. Be sure to use the same criteria in every case. Even a small difference can result in getting a faulty quote.

Talk to the insurance company

Give the insurance company a call and ask if there is a lower rate that may apply. Check for any discounts which may apply. The usage of the vehicle is an important factor in determining the rate. If the vehicle is not used to drive to work and is only a pleasure vehicle this may result in a discount. Using a car pool to get to work may also be the reason for a discount. There are negotiated discounts. Some civic organizations, unions, AAA and employers have deals that have been arranged with specific companies. Check around to see if any of these can be applied to the car insurance bill.

Question any factors that may be affecting the rate. Are there previous accidents, claims, tickets and even a poor credit rating? These can all affect the rate.

If a poor credit rating is the problem, it is important to try to correct the issue. Copies of the credit report can be acquired for free from Credit Karma. There may be some bad information or old information that could be affecting the credit score. These inaccuracies need to be corrected and can result in a raise in the overall number and this may cause the car insurance rate to be lowered as a result.

These are just some of the ways that car insurance can be lowered and result in a lower car insurance bill.