Getting Started with Investing

Investing can be an easy if you do your homework. If you have the ability to save, you have ability to invest after all saving is an investment in your future. The same steps you take when shopping for the best interest rate for a savings accounts should be the same approach when investing. Often times people make investments they do not fully understand which results in a high risk of failure. The best way to get started is to observe millionaires. Smart investors have two things in common they do tons of research and they start small. There are many ways to get started with investing such as stocks, business ownership and real estate. The easiest way to get started is with penny stocks.

Penny stocks vs. Regular stocks

When investing with penny stocks returns should be monitored by percentage and not cost per share. Example: Lets say you bought energy stock at $0.010 a share on Monday and Friday that stocks jumps to $0.015. You made a 50% return on your investment. When dealing with penny stocks as long as their is high volume a lot of money can be made. You are likely to have a quicker return on your investment when dealing with penny stocks over regular stocks. When determining which regular stock to buy I always look at the company profile. There are companies which purposely keep the price per share low in order to attract investors. Example: Lets assume both companies price per share is under $1. Company A profile goal is to keep the stock price under $1 and Company B will increase the price per share as demand increases. Company A is good for short term investing while Company B is good for long term investing.

Small business

In the internet age it is very easy to start a business with minimal costs. The best way to gauge if you have a viable business is to test it in marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon. If you don’t feel comfortable selling online than you should look into selling at a flea market.

Real Estate

Despite the economy real estate is still good investment. Real estate rental market has skyrocketed. As your first investment I recommend buying a condo. Condominium ownership only requires the landlord to be responsible for the interior. When choosing a condo as investment make sure the amenities are something the tenant could use. It makes no sense pay H.O.A (Home Owners Association) fees on a condo that offers amenities that the typical person would not use. Although condos and townhouses offer the same thing in terms landlord responsibility, I recommend the condo because space is usually smaller which means less renovation costs.

Remember when investing ALWAYS take calculated risks no matter how much money you have flowing. Good luck!