Global Financial Market Outlook for 2008

The ‘global market’ reflects the values the rich have in wringing out work from the poor for their own profit. In the United States the incessant stock market reports provide data to the 1% that own 50% of the market and don’t listen to radio anyway, and information for the 10% that own 40 % of the rest. The constant news is to prove that the media isn’t populist but serves the rich through brainwashing of the masses to their own self-interests.

The global market isn’t an environmentally rational entity. It fails to recognize environmental limits on the Earth and the laws of thermodynamics. The market is a way of sociopathizing ‘global society’ in opposition to Aristotle’s more particularistic and personal approach to politics that would be a better fit for a democracy. A totalized global market may have blinders on to reality and just look at the statistics to determine how much of that money can be put into a ‘bank’, yet monetary theories at least have a better awareness of reality. The markets 2008 prospects reflect the ability to expand into China, India and Latin America in various ways, and how that would profit certain corporations globally investing and listed on the ‘markets. As long as profits can increase then market values rise. Because at very real points markets are related to the real world and the transformation of real materials into marketable goods the ‘markets’ need to keep expanding like a forest fire into new areas for growth. The markets prospects could be said to be the value of the heat in the creative destruction of forests.

I merely want to point out that nationalism and democracy can be based on ecologically rational values and on individual and citizen political supremacy instead of on remote and global corporate rule in this commentary on the market’s opportunities in 2008. Consider the S.U.V. in America and the irrational concern about causes of high gasoline prices-Americans should have transitioned long ago to national energy independence through electric cars, wind, solar and fuel cell power along with in-highway superconductor power transmission and storage lines. The Global financial market has eclipsed the U.S. national ‘market’ in a lunar respect with ‘the China cost’ and ‘the Mexican mafia’ making the U.S. national market prospects secondary concerns of the administration that believes its right role is to manage the U.S. economy to support global corporations.

Let’s take a look therefore at the recent work of Federal Richserved Chairmente Bente Burr Manke who sayeth ‘Ralph Nadir is the best Harvard lawyer in the 2008 Predjidential race’. Our Washington D.C. rave translation correspondent attended today’s Senate Manke hearing on the state of the economy… The market awaits word from Chairmente B’Manke auth of the peculated trist in flamptryst rates. An aluminum of the Big Dog Screwl of Voo Doo, Voo Doo economics, market analysts anticipate Manke will again cut fedural interest rates a full two percent below the value of the dollar in order to insure borrowers against future risks of rapid deflation of the dollar globally. Borrowers holding dollars then would experience tremendous financial loss, especially lenders holding U.S. mortgages internationally. B’Manke said at a photo op with the Senate Manking committee “The Chinese own your asses now, y’all get down and kow tow fore me just a little bit-he’ah! Hee hee, short American savings rates indicate Chinese will lend more yuan to Fedural Richserve Mankes so interest rates may be cut and confidence in dollar restored. Chinese purchased congress and Exxon sold your soles to Mecca, therefore ‘the green cheese of the moon will fall to the earth thus feeding us all’, as the late columnist prophesied.

Mexicans must have work in America building and repairing cheap mass produced homes at inflated prices to keep the economy going-making bigger piles of ‘economic growth’ is necessary for even Aunt Hillary’s economic philosophy-they just do the dirty jobs Americans don’t want to do. It would not be possible for Mexicans to stay in Mexico and for American companies, or even Mexican companies to help build up environmentally beneficial jobs in Mexico for Mexicans.” Manke said ‘fedural policy is to simulate economic growth through long term outsourcing of jobs, propaganda by corporatist globally owned broadcast media, in-sourcing of cheap foreign goods and workers and transfer of U.S. infrastructure and political power to global corporations and governments.” Manke said that “U.S. dissent can be stifled by propaganda attack, stigmatization and fedural protracted terror”. He continued “The Exxon Valdez oil spill enhanced the Alaskan Prince William Sound ecosystem nearly twenty years ago today and the people of the region have yet to repay Exxon for the cost of the contribution. Scientists have determined that harmful organism detrimental to oil production and price per barrel increases were mitigated by the free oil spill, and we all know there is no free lunch. Oil must rise to at least 1000 dollars per barrel and then the U.S. can restore energy independence by drilling the Arctic national wildlife refuge and selling the oil to Exxon for two dollars a barrel-which is a charity for the public since it will completely meet 100% of U.S. fuel supply needs for 100 years and increased S.U.V. production at Detroit will follow creating new jobs at minimum wage for Toyota workers in former Ford facilities bought at bankruptcy auction.” The Chairmente concluded saying “I have fuller, thicker wallet of money now then I did when I was eighteen; the economy will get better!”

Latter in 2008, after this brief essay was written things got worse. The stock market collapsed to the 7000 range perhaps reflecting that ‘market correction’ that Chairman Greenspan and others might have mentioned was ‘out there’. The Bush administration free rider economic policies (to borrow a term from Lester Thurow’s works) finally collapsed after they had adjusted every sort of flim thing possible to ‘keep jobs growing’ amidst vast job losses to China. President Bush cajoled congress to give him 3/4’s of a trillion dollars to buy bad bank debts then changed the terms after he got the money and choose to just loans the money to banks instead. Citigroup, and various investment banks had their baloney loans reeled in, and WA-Mu became the biggest bank failure in U.S. history yet with a name like that how could regulators not see it coming? Maybe a company with a name like Verminrizing will be some sort of new perpetrator of violations of privacy and consequent failure-who can foresee what only administration gurus do?