Going Frugal to Save Money

With the current economic conditions and job losses, more people are looking for ways to save money.  Some people consider frugal people as being cheap.  Being frugal is looking for ways to save money and making things you have go further.

 Use less to save more

Try using less of certain things such as laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and shampoo.  You may not need to fill the laundry detergent cup to the line or the dishwasher compartment full.  There have been stories of people having trouble with their washing machines and dishwashers where the repairmen have said they probably used too much soap.  Your hair may get just as clean by using a little less shampoo than you are used to using.

 Cut out paper products

Instead of buying paper towels, napkins and paper plates, try using reusable.  Cut up old towels, t shirts and other things to use as rags instead of paper towels and napkins.  You can buy cloth napkins to use multiple times instead of using paper napkins.  Look at your local thrift stores or it is easy to make your own by just sewing the edges on squares of fabric so they don’t ravel.  Paper plates may be convenient but you can save money by using regular plates.

Cut the meat

One way to cut your grocery budget is by eating at least one meatless meal each week.  There are several meals you can make without using meat.  There are also meals such as soups and casseroles you can make with less meat than you would use when making meat the main part of the meal.

 Go Secondhand

Shopping at thrift stores is becoming more acceptable in today’s society.  You may be able to find new or almost new items for a fraction of the cost of buying it new at a retail store.  Besides clothes there are several things you can find at secondhand stores.

 Save on Automobile expenses

It may not be possible to totally give up your vehicle, but consider ways you can cut expenses.  If you are running an errand that is close to your home or workplace, consider walking to do it instead of jumping in the car.  Make a list of the errands you need to do and combine errands that are in the same area, to make only one trip instead of multiple trips.

 By taking a few small steps you can start saving money.