Gold Investment Guide the Safest way to Buy Gold

There are several ways to buy gold as there are different types of gold investment products to choose from. There are a growing number of paper gold products in the market today; from gold futures, gold ETFs, digital gold currency etc. However, the safest way to buy gold is buying gold bullion coins. It has always been one of the preferred choice in buying gold for investors in all shapes and sizes.

• Why buy gold bullion coins?

Gold bullion coins are generally attributed to all gold coins issued after the Great Depression of the 1930s. Before then, gold coins were issued as legal tender and circulated as money. However, modern bullion coins are minted and traded primarily for the value of their gold content.

The issuance of the South African Gold Krugerrand in 1967 started the trend of what is now called modern gold bullion coins. These popular gold bullion products are fully backed by their issuing mint  – and guaranteed by their governments – in terms of fineness and gold content. They can easily be traded in any gold market around the world. Their constant demand, easy safekeeping and fast liquidity make them the safest way to buy gold for investment purposes.

• The best gold bullion coins to buy

There are many types of gold bullion coins in the market today. If you prefer to buy pure gold, then the 24 (99.99% gold) karat gold bullion coins such as the American Gold Buffalo, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Vienna Gold Philharmonic and the Australian Gold Kangaroos are the perennial preferred choices. 24 karat gold bullion coins are also flexible investments since they can easily be turn into jewelry.

If you prefer the hardiness of 22 (91.67% gold) karat gold bullion coins, then the American Gold Eagle is the most popular gold coin to invest in. Other popular choices are the South African Krugerrand and the British Gold Sovereign. Check out the mintages and you’ll get some added collector’s value on the rarer issuances.

• Buy gold bullion coins at accredited gold bullion dealers.

There are many gold bullion dealers on the Internet. But as always, the primary consideration for choosing where to buy is hinged on 2 factors; trustworthiness and the overall cost of doing business.

Fortunately, it is easy to determine trustworthiness. Simply go though the websites of the issuing mint of the gold bullion coin you plan to invest in and check out which one is nearest to you. Choosing the nearest gold bullion dealer would also take care of reducing the cost of doing business. If you can simply drop by your nearest gold bullion dealer, then you’d eliminate the cost of shipping, insurance and handling risk.

For more details on accredited gold bullion dealers, you can simply visit the websites of the issuing mint such as the US Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint with their respective list of accredited dealers:

1.) US Mint locator list of accredited gold bullion dealers

2.) Royal Canadian Mint locator list of accredited gold bullion dealers