Good Post Retirement Jobs for Seniors

There are many motives for a senior citizen to get a job after retirement whether it is to stay mentally sharp, earn a little extra money, or any other reason.  There are many jobs available that may be perfect for a senior with a lot of experience behind him or her.  On the other hand, a retired individual may want to go into a completely new field. 

Retail employment

Working for a retailer may not provide a lot of money, but the hours can be flexible and the job can be one that sparks the interest of the senior citizen.  Those with an interest in craft projects may love to work at a craft store like Michaels or Joanne Fabrics while a gardener may have fun working in a plant nursery.  The mall also offers many opportunities whether clothing, jewelry, accessories, make-up, or any other product is of interest.  In addition to receiving hourly pay, a retailer will often provide a discount to employees that can be very beneficial.

Temporary Work

If a person is unsure of what he or she wants to do, then temporary work may be just the thing.  Temporary work can sometimes be as short as two weeks or it can be something that can lead to a permanent position.  This is a great way to start working at a new type of job to see if it is a good fit.


An interesting museum can be a great place for senior citizens to work as they can share their knowledge while continuing to learn more and have fun.  Jobs can range anywhere from working at the ticket counter to providing tours for families, groups, or schools.

Ballpark or stadium

A great seasonal job can be working at a ballpark or a stadium.  Those with a passion for sports can work at a ticket counter, concession stand, or may even give tours for a local ballpark or stadium.  In addition to hourly pay, an employee may meet some famous individuals and will likely be able to see some of the events for free.


A consultant is a great job for a senior with a lot of experience in a certain field.  This may be done independently or a consultant may be hired by a company. 

Amusement Park

An amusement park is another fun place to work with jobs that can range anywhere from selling tickets or concessions to supervising a game or ride.  There is often a jovial atmosphere at an amusement park that makes them such a fun place to work.

Campground or park

A campground can be a very relaxing place to work that will often provide the extra benefit of being able to use their facilities for free or for a reduced rate.  A national, state, or local park can also be a great place for nature lovers to work.

Convention Center

Convention centers that host large events require a lot of employees to make a special occasion run smoothly.   Some jobs include ticket sales, usher, concessions, etc.  Employees may meet some exciting individuals and may even find themselves present at exciting and important events.

Golf course

Individuals who love to golf would feel right at home working at a golf course.  There are several jobs that would be great for a senior citizen including maintenance of the golf course or carts, concessions, marketing/promotions, teacher, etc.  Some golf courses may even let employees use the golf course for free or for a reduced rate which would be wonderful for golfers.

Freelance writing

A retired individual may find enjoyment in writing about information related to their former career or any other interests or hobbies.  These articles may then be sold to a website for profit.  Writers may also submit their articles to a newspaper or magazine for possible purchase.


Crafty individuals that create furniture, fabric art, knitting, etc. may turn this passion into a business.  Crafts may be created and then sold online or at an arts and crafts fair.  The other option is to teach your craft to others for a fee.  Michaels and other craft stores hire teachers to teach various art techniques.

Former teachers

Retired teachers may want to become a tutor.  This will allow the teacher to have a lot of flexibility with the times that he or she works and the pay can be whatever the teachers feels is a fair rate.


There are many different volunteer jobs that would be perfect for a senior citizen.  Some interesting places include a nature center, theater, humane society, or library.  Those who volunteer at a theater as an usher or at the ticket booth will often get to see all or at least most of the theatrical performances for free.

Finding a job

Senior citizens are not alone in looking for a job.  The United States Department of Labor has a program called the Senior Community Service Employment program (SCSEF) which helps older Americans find a job.  AARP also has information about employment for retired individuals on their webpage.  There are also employment websites such as and RetiredBrains that are devoted to helping older adults find a job.

Remember that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on age.  Retirement can be a great time for a senior citizen to get that job that he or she always wanted, but could never do for one reason or another.  A job will not only provide some extra money, but it will also help a retired individual stay mentally sharp and help him or her keep active in the community.