Good Reasons for using Cash Advances

Cash advances are simply pay day loans by another name. Controversy surrounds pay day loans as they draw criticism over their high interest rates. However a very good reason to actually obtain a cash advance from a pay day loan lender is that they are in fact licensed lenders, and thus infinitely preferable to the alternate of loan sharks who may threaten your knee caps if you don’t repay the debt on time. They are also a far more responsible choice than an auto title loan.

Whilst pay day loans do have a rather seedy stigma attached to them they are still legal in many states and provide the only choice for those who live from pay check to pay check and have no savings to fall back on in an emergency situation. They are ideal for those who have bad credit as no credit checks are carried out.

The actual pay day loan is a viable option for many who understand what they are dealing with, and prefer not to expose themselves to the temptations of credit cards. Fees are not necessarily higher than the costs associated with a traditional bank loan or an overdue credit card payment, and in some cases are less. Nevertheless cash advances are best suited to emergency use and not intended to become part of ones daily way of handling finances.

When used irresponsibly they are a sure way to debt, especially when users take a new pay day loan to pay the last one. Instances of borrowers having in the region of seven pay day loans at a time illustrates a borrowers naivety in becoming embroiled without assessing the consequences.

Pay day loan lenders are not above advertising their products to appeal to those with no available money who want a vacation, party night and other such things which are foolish to pay high fees for. The ideal use of pay day loans is for emergency situations only, and only when the borrower is confident they can be repaid from the next pay packet.

Good reasons for actually obtaining cash advances are to prevent a utility being cut off which would result in a reconnection charge which equates to more than the pay day loan fee; emergency car repairs if the vehicle is necessary for reaching ones place of employment; and for medical emergencies. They are handy for those who wish to keep their borrowing from a partner for whatever reason. Good reasons do not include a night on the town, gifts for your beloved or a quick trip to Vegas.

Used sensibly pay day loans are a viable option which need not cost too much in fees, particularly with judicious comparison shopping on line which often turns up some discounted fees. They are a viable part of a free economy and a far safer option than becoming mixed up with illegal lenders which may be the only choice for some if cash advances are unavailable.