Good Reasons to Shop Locally Creating a Stronger Economy

Shop small, shop local.

Instead of just about killing yourself trying to get major deals at well known stores such as Target, Wal mart, JC Penny’s, and a host of other stores, do something different this holiday season; shop locally. You may have heard it before, on TV ads for your local town. But this year, try to shop in your neck of the woods.

Shopping National Chains, Costs more money

Shopping for Christmas presents locally, you will  save money. When you walk into a large, discount store, did you ever notice what happens? You end up coming out of the store feeling  great about buying so many items, but you feel like you are in the poorhouse. That’s because the prices seem so low, you end up- buying more than you really need, thus spending more money. You see the advertised price, you see the long lines at the checkout, and you feel like spending more money.

Build relationships

Does the entire world have to be one, big chain store? Not if you don’t want it to be. When you own a business, such as being a writer, a local dentist, doctor, etc, you can build relationships by shopping at locally owned stores. Shop at a local store selling specialty items, such as paintings, pottery, garden supplies, etc. Give the owner your business card, and you may have a client for life. All because you brought your family to eat at a local restaurant, and brought prospective clients in to eat also.

Receive better service

One of the great aspects of shopping locally is that you will receive better, friendlier service than at a national chain. Shopping at a local store is an experience unlike any other. The workers, will respond in a positive manner.When you walk through a small shop owner’s door, you will be pleasantly surprised at being awarded great service. Your senses will be assailed with pleasant smells,and pretty music. You might want to stay in the store escaping the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.Strike up a conversation with the owner, making new friends.

Shopping locally may cost more money, but you can be assured of receiving attentive, personal service. Obtain personalized, specialty items for super picky relatives, and friends that you will never find at major retailers. Besides, you won’t have to walk a mile to get to the store, and you will find shorter checkout lines. You will also be doing your part to keep the local economy going.