Government Housing Bail out – Yes

Yes, we must as a humanistic and democratic society bail out the thousands/millions of people who took out home mortgages for more than they could ever dream of paying back. Why, you may ask? I will explain why. You get married, have a couple of kids, both parents work full-time, and the bank is more than willing to lend 125% of a home’s value. Add to that, both parents are paying off student loans and credit card bills from before they were even married. Now, you are offered a low interest rate to pay off your other bills and buy a new home. Who wouldn’t accept the offer? Ask yourself that and answer truthfully. Not what is right or the moral thing to do, but given the circumstances what would you do.

Now, let us take into account that approximately twenty percent of society is on some form of public aid at any given time. The other eighty percent of people are basically paying for those twenty percent. Does that anger you? Look at this way, you are hit by the recession, get laid off from work, and draw unemployment for awhile. And you have worked for the same factory for twenty years and your retirement is now even in question. Did I mention you do not have any insurance for you or your family? Okay, no big deal right? Well, you never get called back to work, you didn’t go to college, and no companies are hiring. And even if you did go to college and graduate with a degree, maybe still no one is hiring. Now what are you going to do? By the way, you also have a wife and three kids.

Ask yourself this question: should I lose my house, my health, and my family for something that is completely out of my control. You have worked hard for twenty years, showing up at the same job, on time, and doing exactly what you are supposed to do; but now because of the failing economy you lose it all. Even though for the past twenty years you have been paying for people on Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other welfare programs. If you have paid taxes in your life, you have paid for some form of welfare program. So if you need a form of welfare, why not accept it? Corporations and other companies accept welfare in the form of tax credits and breaks, so why not the typical, hard-working, middle-class American?

Honestly, I was personally against the bail-out at first until I took an objective point of view and realized everyone receives some form of government assistance which taxpayers pay for. Farmers receive government money for set-aside ground and other expenses. College students receive student loans. Home owners get to write-off their interest payments. So, if you look at the entire situation objectively, you will understand that yes, we do have to bail-out each other in order to function as we have for centuries.