Government should Stay out of the Medical Profession – No

The government is not the savior and cure for all our problems. When are people going to take responsibility for themselves? This includes helping those who are less fortunate. If we all helped our neighbor and family members like we should, we would not need the government to step in and pay for everything. Personally, I would rather take care of my family myself than allow the government to help. Charities and non-profits can do a much better job in meeting the needs of the less fortunate.

Why in the world would I want the government to pay for medical care? Until they prove they can handle something and not mess it up, I will be afraid of turning anything over to them. Can the government run a budget like we are all required to do? No. Does the government have quick response time to disasters? No. Then why do we expect them to do a good job of providing health care for all of us? Name me one government program at the social level that is efficient, under budget, and easy to understand. There isn’t one. These guys can’t even deliver the mail, do you trust them with something this important?

Instead of taxing us to death (that may already be too late), why not allow each of us to save and use that money for our own health care needs? If we were able to have that tax money in our pockets and could put it away for medical use, we would not need the government to pay for everything. I know what you are thinking. What about those people who are irresponsible and foolish with their money? They would still be without proper medical care. That is an excellent question but a very easy one to answer. What happens to people who blow their money in other areas? They go without. I am not saying we should deny service to people. The existing plans such as Medicaid will remain intact. But, we have got to start pushing individual responsibility in this country.

Maybe I am overly optimistic but I believe it could work. Each one of us have the ability to make smart decisions and help others do the same. If we each pledged to take care of our personal affairs and those of our loved ones, it could make a difference. I know I would rather help my mom and dad get medical care than some person in D.C. We need to demand our government show us they can handle responsibility. Until that point they need to stay out of the medical business. I know what is best for me and my family. I want to be able to see the doctor of my choice and seek medical care where I choose. The government needs to stick to the things it does best…running up huge deficits, taking more of my money and spending it on crap, and ignoring most of what we the people want for our country. That should keep them busy for a while.