Great Auto Insurance Discounts you may be Missing out on

Everyone is looking for offers, discounts and good deals and how to cut down on their expenses and make a saving, especially since the world is facing tough economic times.

If you own a car, auto insurance is not a choice but a priority. Most people are always looking for affordable insurance premiums that also have attractive discounts but the problem is that most people don’t know that these discounts exist.

Having the same auto insurance provider for years may seem convenient, but it may be a bad financial decision for you. The insurance industry keeps changing regularly and is always looking for ways to attract more customers. This means that insurance companies are always offering some incentives and discounts at any one given time.

The more the consumer becomes more complicated by demanding better and affordable products, an insurance company will be forced to make changes in their policies in order to meet the consumers demands.
If you don’t look at the various new products being released by insurance companies, then you are most likely missing out big time. The following are some of the great auto insurance discounts that you may be missing.

Anti theft device installation discount

A car that has an anti theft installed will be a low risk car for the insurance company. This means that there are fewer chances of it being broken into and vandalized, this will save the insurer lots of money.
The anti theft devices include alarm systems, an inbuilt immobilizer or steering lock, or any other devices that will stop the car form being stolen. The normal discount in this case is between 2-4 %, which is a huge saving for you as well.

A clean driving record discount

A driver who has a clean driving record is more preferred by auto insurance companies that one who has a bad driving record. If you have an accident free record, have no speeding tickets, or DUI tickets then you can qualify for a safe driver discount.
The discounts give by insurance companies will vary from company to company. However the usual discount is about 10% with some insurers adding incentives for safe driving.

A good credit rating

If you pay your bills on time and you have a good credit rating then the insurer can give you a discount of up to 4 % on the auto premium. Most insurers would probably not bother looking at your credit rating, but if they do and find that you have a bad credit rating then they will give sell you a higher insurance premium.

Paying upfront in full for the premium

An insurer will give you a discount of about 10% if you pay for the auto insurance in full instead of paying via the installments schedule. If you are able to, try and pay for your auto insurance at a go and get the discount. Automatic payments discount

Insurers would prefer that if you are paying for the auto insurance monthly, use automatic payments when paying for the premium and reduce the delays and save lots of time.
Following up a late payment or canceling a policy takes so much time and resources for the insurer, that is why an automatic payment is a welcome mode of payment for the insurer.

A defensive driving discount

Attending a defensive driving school will teach you how to be a well behaved driver. Slowing down and paying more attention while driving will eliminate accidents and tickets which will attract unnecessary payments. Your insurer can give you a defensive driving discount for being a well behaved driver.

The multiple policy discount

If you have more than one car insured under the same insurer or you have other insurance policies with the same insurer, then you are entitled to a multiple policy discount. Depending on your insurer, you can get up to 25% as a discount on your auto insurance.

Multiple car discount

If as a company or even a married couple, you have more that one car, you can combine the cars an put them onto one policy for a better rate and attract a discount as well.

A low mileage discount

If you drive your car less and barely use your car, then you are a low risk customer which saves the insurer from paying high auto bills. If your mileage is low at the end of the year then you can qualify for the low mileage discount. Drive less especially for short distance such as going to the grocery store nearby, walk instead.