Great Holiday Gifts for under 10

With the holiday season in full swing, it is once again time to do some shopping for your loved ones. However, this does not necessarily have to be a big blow to your bank account. Today, I’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for ten dollars or less that are sure to please everyone. 

We’ll start with the people who are always easy to please: your parents. For mom, I’d recommend a nice pair of wool mittens to keep her warm through the holidays, which can be found at many retail stores for very affordable prices. When buying for the old man, consider his hobbies, activities, and interests; if he enjoys fishing, invest in some nice tackled. Maybe he enjoys sports; a nice, souvenir cap from his favorite team will fill him with Christmas joy. 

I wouldn’t recommend spending less than ten dollars on your significant other. However, if you are in a tight spot with money, many stores sells some decent-quality jewelry that may fit your budget. If you want to get creative, you could put together a home-made gift basket for your loved one; a hand-woven basket, hot cocoa mix, holiday candy, and a nice, Christmas mug. This may push the budget, but what can you do?

For your children, nieces, and nephews, there are an abundance of toys and fun little gadgets on the market that are sure to fit in the ten dollar range. From board games to stuffed dolls, ten dollars can go along ways, even with this economy. In the 4 to 9 year range, I recommend buying the child a sporting device. This can be as simple as a ball or athletic apparel to get the child interested in sports, promote a healthy lifestyle, and boost confidence. For children who are 10 to 13, I’d plan on buying an electronic accessory, such as an iPod case or headphones. If going for the case, make sure you find out what device the child has first to prevent disappointment on Christmas day. Lastly, when gift shopping for a teenager nearing the adult years, the best gift is always the most simple answer: cash or gift card. It may seem tacky, but they really will appreciate the sense of independence and choice that your are giving them. 

Ten dollars can go quite far in today’s day and age. If you take the time to put thought and care into the gifts that you provide this Christmas, you can’t go wrong. Maintain a budget, smile often, and never stop giving. Merry Christmas.