Great Software to use to Make a Budget Work Sheet

If you are setting up a budget work sheet, then a suitable software package can make some difference. Certainly, there are a variety of software packages which may be suitable for budget work sheets. Spreadsheet software packages are the software that have the best options for budget work sheets, and these usually come included with a variety of office software suites such as MS Office, OpenOffice, Cellframe Office and iWorks.

Excel is the spreadsheet software that comes included with the MS Office 2010 software suite. This is a software package that includes a variety of formatting and numerical options ideal for budget spreadsheets. For example, Excel has a range of financial formulas which can be added to the budget spreadsheet.

When it comes to spreadsheet formatting, Excel also has a number of good options for budget worksheets. For example, you can add conditional formatting in which the cell formatting is modified in relation to specific numerical values. You can add clip art to the budget spreadsheet, or alternatively word art.

Another advantage of the Excel spreadsheet package is that it has a variety of templates. The Microsoft website includes a variety of templates for its office software, including budget templates for spreadsheets. These templates can be great budget work sheets. Check out this page for further details on Excel budget templates.

However, there are other alternatives to Excel. The OpenOffice Suite is one of the freeware alternatives, which includes Calc. The Calc spreadsheet software also includes a number of the same options that come included with Excel, although its graph options are a little more limited. OpenOffice and Calc are multiplatform so are also supported by the Linux OS. It compatibility with MS Excel is another advantage of the Calc spreadsheet software package. For further details, the OpenOffice website is worth noting.

Cellframe Office is more of an MS Office clone. Given this, you can expect that its spreadsheet software package is comparable to that of MS Excel. The software suite also includes a variety of backgrounds, themes and clip arts which could further enhance a budget work sheet.

For the Apple Mac, Numbers is Apple’s spreadsheet application. This is a flexible spreadsheet software application which has a variety of graphic tools. As it also includes up to 250 functions it should be suitable for budget work sheets.

Almost every office suite includes a spreadsheet software package. These are just a few of the good spreadsheet software packages for budget work sheets which have a good variety of formatting and numerical options, as well as budget templates, for exciting budget work sheets.