Guide to Cheap Car Insurance

Shopping around for cheap car insurance can be frustrating but as you know only by shopping around can you even begin to ascertain what insurance company or broker to go with. First if you have a free local circular where people buy and sell things, look through this, there are normally some really good deals on car insurance in there, especially in the Autos for Sale/Trade section. You will find a lot of special offers and deals from cut rate insurance brokers. However in your quest for lowest price do not sacrifice coverage that you need. Usually the lowered rate for insurance is because the policy offers lower limits on certain portions of your coverage. While the coverage that you have may offer $50,000 limits on bodily injury if you are held at fault for an accident the cut-rate policy may offer only a $25,000 limit of coverage for the same thing. This is the reason that you want to read over the policy extra thoroughly before you settle on the lower rate car insurance just because it is lower.

Go online and search for low priced car insurance’ or cheap car insurance’. Going to a site that offers you insurance directly from the insurance company is a good place to get a quote from. In this type of “buy direct and save” , insurance offer, the company is normally able to offer you lower rates on your car insurance not because they are offering less coverage, but because they are circumventing the insurance agent, who adds a commission on top of any and every policy that they sell. Sites like and deal directly with the public via websites and toll free Call Centers in order to offer drivers lowered rates than they may be used to. Still if you are dealing with an insurer directly then they are researchable online also. This helps you to decide between insurers more confidently.

Get lots of quotes, online and over the phone. Have an insurance company put their offer in writing. Getting a quote costs you nothing and is something that any insurer will do for you free of charge in the interest of getting your business. The very best way to ensure that you are getting the absolute best coverage on the exact coverage that you want or need is to shop around and do your homework. When dealing with companies that protect your indemnity from ending up in major debt in the event that you are ever responsible for an auto accident, you should make sure that you not only get quotes but also recommendations from friends, or from family members. Ask people that you know how they like their insurer and if they would recommend their auto insurance carrier. Also ask the insurer about discounts for things like age, good driving records, multi car policies (if you have more than one car in your household.) Younger drivers can also save on their insurance by having their vehicle and themselves added to their parents’ policy. (and no I do not mean save money by making them pay for it!) If your folks are good enough to stick their necks out for you and add you to their insurance make sure that you pay them for it as they are running the risk of higher insurance premiums if you are involved in an accident and if your don’t give them the money they just may remove you from their policy as easily as they added you.

Paying for car insurance is a necessary evil. If you drive the statistics say that eventually you will be involved in a car accident. The more that you drive your vehicle the more insurance you should get on it because the more time you spend behind the wheel the more likely it is that you will be involved in an accident. The fines if you are caught driving around uninsured are very steep just about everywhere. In fact I would go as far as to say the fines for driving without insurance are normally about what it costs for basic coverage on an automobile for 6 months or more. While you must pay the fine if you are caught, this also means that you still must go out and get auto insurance. So getting the right coverage for the lowest price is important. Buying cheaper auto insurance also means that you may be able to add things to your insurance that concern you specifically or increase your limits of liability in the case of an accident.