Guide to Classic Car Insurance

You’ve just finished a project car and you’re ready to start showing her off. What you need now is classic car insurance. If you’re just getting into the world of American classic cars, you may not know there is a great deal of difference between classic car insurance and traditional auto insurance.

Classic car owners are as diverse as the cars they proudly own and classic car insurance policies are customized with that diversity in mind. How do you intend to drive your car? If your intention is to only trailer her to classic car shows and drive her in a parade once or twice a year, a policy based on mileage will suit you the best. If you plan on taking her out every weekend during good weather, daylight driving only coverage may better suit your needs.

Auto insurance for classic cars is often referred to as a limited use policy. The cars are normally garage kept, seldom driven, and put away for the winter months. Classic car enthusiasts don’t risk their investment driving in bad weather conditions and are usually very cautious drivers. The cost of liability for this type of driving is far less costly than a traditional auto policy.

It’s nearly impossible to put an exact value on a classic car. You won’t find a blue book value for a 1968 Corvette or a 1937 Ford Roadster. A classic car may be restored to original condition or it may be modified with high performance parts. An insurance company with good classic car coverage will make use of an agreed upon value. You and the insurance agent will agree on a coverage amount that will take into consideration the condition of your car.

To find insurance for your classic car, start with an Internet search for classic American car insurance. Many insurance companies have classic car policies, but there are companies that specialize in policies for these unique cars. Unless your regular automobile insurance agent happens to be a classic car buff he won’t have the same understanding of your needs as a company that deals exclusively with classic cars.

A classic car specialty insurance company will have an excellent grasp of your potential needs and can help set you up in the policy that will truly be customized to you and your car. Classic car owners have special needs from replacement coverage to towing and emergency road service packages. A good insurance policy helps put your mind at ease. Why should your classic car insurance policy do any less?