Guide to free credit reports

You are at the car dealership and you have found the perfect car. It has good gas mileage, and the sweet satellite radio system. Just one problem you can’t get financed! As you sit there in your disgust, you try to remember every bill you ever had and if you’ve paid it then, comes the worst part you realize there are a few closed credit cards that you’ve never paid on! This all could have been prevented if you had taken the steps to be assured that your credit was in order to finance anything, much less your dream car. How do you check this all powerful identity shadow? Where can you go to find the goods on exactly who and what you owe? Well your wait is over, there is such a thing as a free credit report and anyone can get it, even you Mr./Mrs. 550 credit score.
Free credit reports used to be only availible if you contacted the 3 major reporting angencies directly. Now though, thanks to the internet super highway, you can access your credit report annually for absolutely free. At, at this site you are able to see what the credit bureau demigods have on you. The greatest thing about this site; it is absolutely free! Unlike, the site with the funny jingles in those commercials, there are no hidden fees or credit card information needed. I know you must be thinking “What it says free so it must be free?”. Actually, is a service provided by Experian credit services, one of the evil credit bureau giants. It’s a great service for people who are trying to paydown and keep track of their credit report If you are like me though, we just want to see the dang thing so we can decided who gets money.
So now that we know the scam, let us meet the real thing. is a fantastic way to access that important information we so desparately need before applying for any sort of financing or credit card. It’s an extremely easy site, that gives you all 3 major credit reports,and even has selections for disputing the false or mislabled information that hasn’t quite fallen off the grid. Through this site you can get a clear view of your debt, and how to paydown or improve the credit score you now have. The site is absolutely free and no request for credit card information, just your address, social security number, and your name. So when you are ready to go out there and buy the Bentley of your dreams, first make sure you have taken the time and opportunity to see what type of information the banks are going to use against you. Remember it’s never a good idea to make important purchases without seeing your debt, nothing is worse then the rejection from a car salesman wearing a tacky tie, and smelling of stale coffee.So, now you are armed and ready, get those credit reports and find the confidence that no dirty secret is left to prevent those keys from hitting your hand.