Guide to Researching Auto Insurance Companies Online

I remember the days of oh so long ago. There was never really much choice in buying car insurance. Everything was a gamble. You could ask your friends for advice, which was never really worth the risk. You could put all your chips on a look through the phone book and call up the companies with the prettiest ad; this usually resulted in speaking with an underpaid and bitter operator who would give you the highest quote possible so that they would make the highest commission possible.

Well, my friends, those days are long gone. Buying car insurance is no longer akin to having a root canal. Sit down, relax, and have a beer. The road to no pain, no hassle car insurance is only a click away.

A simple Google will normally give you all you need to start your car insurance shopping. All of the big guys are there. The names you have been used to for years are reaching out to make your buying easier.

One site allows you to get a ballpark quote without even giving your name. Wow, I remember the painful days of giving a social security number, drivers license number, birth date, and a left arm before the insurance agent would even tell you if they would consider giving you a quote. Most are equally as painless, one even gives you the rates of a few competitors so that you can decide if you are getting a good deal or not. That’s a fantastic feature and it’s usually pretty accurate and saves you a lot of time. These sites also allow you to do your homework on the company itself. Always a good idea.

There are also a few other alternatives to the big players. You can go with a site like which will compare many different companies, big and small, to try and find you the best rate. You can then compare and choose the one that fits your needs.

Another fun feature and a significant improvement to the industry is the ability to buy your insurance by credit card and print your insurance card immediately. Most sites offer this option, but it does vary by carrier. Gone are those days of having to haul yourself to a local agent after already having spent an hour on the phone only to be told they won’t cover you because there’s a dent in your fender.

Online insurance buying, Fast, easy, and best of all it will save you a lot of money. I wouldn’t have it any other way.