Guide to Shopping for new York Auto Insurance Online

For the entirety of my auto owning life I have been covered by a popular insurance whose commercials have been extremely catchy. Their claim is that by just calling them and giving them a few minutes you will pay the least amount of auto insurance. Recently, I have come across a website that has connections to dozens of insurance agents and in just few minutes you can get dozens of insurance quotes. is a popular insurance comparison website that connects you with local insurance providers and based on information you provide allows these insurance agents to contact you with their best quotes. I completed the form by providing them with my contact information and car make and model and within minutes had a half a dozen insurance quotes in my email inbox. In addition, some even mailed me the information necessary via regular mail. The NetQuote website also has information to help you understand the not so easy to understand language in your insurance contracts. It helps you understand what the factors are in your auto insurance cost such as driving record, where you live and your credit rating as well as what insurance liability coverage really is. Other popular online comparison websites are and A simple google search with key words auto insurance will lead you to hundreds more.

If you trust in brand names as I have you can also go directly to the name you trust online. Geico, AllState, StateFarm, Progressive among many others have websites where you can also be provided with a quote from only their companies within minutes. I am insured by a major company and look at my coverage online and make payments directly on their website which is extremely convenient.

Nowadays, the facility of the internet is extremely convenient in comparison shopping and getting the best deal for your buck. Auto insurance shouldn’t be any different. So go ahead, don’t be afraid. Take a little bit of time to comparison shop. Give these companies a try. Provide them with some information-these websites are extremely secure and in a few minutes you may save hundreds of dollars.