Guide to the Hyip

First of all I think you must assume that all HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) are scams, they are definitely ponzie schemes. They come and they go just like that. Dozens of them pop up everyday ready to take your money and run. They promise high returns on your investment and fast payment and you do get that for a while. They want to gain your trust. They want you to believe in them so that you will invest even more money. Then when people start trusting that this is an honest HYIP with an honest administrator and start investing higher amounts of money, that’s when they grab the money and run.

Now, with all that said I still believe you can make money with HYIPs. There are people out there that are making money with them, it’s all in how you play the game. I did HYIPs for a while and I made money and lost money. I may even have lost more then I made. The majority of the money I lost was when I first started doing HYIPs. When I first found out about them I only knew that you could invest very little money and have a good return in very little time. I didn’t realize that these people would just up and run with your money, but I soon found out. So I did some research and found some forums that gave good information on HYIPs and auto surfs, but by then I was in a get some of my money back situation. I find some programs that I learned to trust and made money from. But then something would happen, ddos attack or hackers and the program had to close down owing me money. I even did a couple of dumb things myself that I knew I should not have done and lost money.

I think the best way to make money from HYIPs is to get in and get out quick. What I started doing for a while was join the ones that were obvious scams. The ones that paid automatically, that paid anywhere from 150% to 200% return in one or two days and that had not been up for more then a day or two days. I had some luck doing that, just hitting them one time and getting out. But, then they started only lasting a day a two specially if they got a $1000 or more in that day and I started losing again.

I have stopped doing HYIPs for now, but I still believe you can make money with them if you have the right strategy. But remember the golden rule, never invest more then you can afford to lose.