Has Political Correctness Undermined Free Speech in the us – Yes

Political correctness is quickly undermining free speech in the US. We are no longer allowed to say anything to anyone without checking the ‘political correctness handbook’. If we do, we may be assaulted, sued, and even arrested. When did the US become a country where you had the right to ‘not every be insulted or uncomfortable’?

It has gone too far, and with the advent of politicians and others seeking hate crime legislation to set apart certain segments of society as having ‘special’ standing in this arena, it won’t be long before you cannot speak or write without being arrested for a hate crime.

That is another subject, but it is the fall out of people feeling that they should never be uncomfortable. They should never hear language they don’t like. They should never be told what they do is wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had such a perfect world? Get real.

I would rather be insulted and called a ‘honky’ or worse ever single day, than to lose my freedom of speech. We need to return to the day when you were free to express your opinions even when they were different from others. When will we learn?