Have Fun With Your Children for Free

There are many ways to have fun with your children. Spending time with your child or children is a part of life that, if done frequently, can contribute to you and your child’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The following paragraphs list some possible ways of spending quality family time.

One way to have fun with your children for free and to spend time with them is exercising. If you normally go for walks for your daily exercise take your son or daughter along. It might also be a good example to them. Or if they’re too young to walk take the stroller along and go to the park. Seeing grass and trees and other sights might stimulate their senses and open their mind to the world of nature around them at a young age. If your child is old enough you can toss a ball around with them, cook with them, or take them shopping with you. If you really want to open them up to the environment and nature you can take them to visit one or more of the countries national parks, state parks or other nature areas. Also teaching your child to garden might be a good idea for fun. That could expose them to the flowers, fruit, and animals such as hummingbirds. And using tools such as pruning shears or a garden trowel will sharpen their motor skills. 

Besides physical activity, there are other ways to spend time and have fun with your child for free. One great example of that is homework. If your child is having trouble with homework it’s probably because doing homework alone can be boring. Taking the time to participate with them and help them could make the homework more fun. An activity similar to doing homework with them would be to take them to work with you and show them how you make your living. Or show them how to do chores around the house; taking out the garbage, washing the car, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, etc.  Showing your children how to do daily tasks can be very beneficial to them.

Don’t forget communication, a very important way to have fun. Sometimes you and your children may want to sit down and talk about life, the events of the day, or something else. Practicing communication skills is very important, and can be practiced daily. Another form of communication is music. Play a musical instrument with your children, teach them to read music, and(or) sing with them. You can also teach them about how the world communicates globally. Read the newspaper with them, surf the Internet, or watch television. Some magazines intended for children include Ranger Rick, Odyssey, and Zoobooks. Odyssey is a science magazine, while Ranger Rick and Zoobooks are zoology magazines. Some Internet sites for children are Kids Gardening, Cool Math Games, and Khan Academy. Kids Gardening is a gardening website, Cool Math Games has an assortment of math video games, and Khan Academy is a tutoring website.

It’s important to find ways to have fun with your children for free, because having extra money to spend isn’t usually an option. But with a little work and research it’s not that difficult to think of a lot of good ideas quite fast, as this article shows. Going for walks, playing games, doing homework, doing chores, doing work and communication (through talking, singing, etc.) are just some ideas. One last idea: if your child is old enough ask them what free activity they would like to do with you. They might surprise you with one or several really good ideas.