Health Insurance Plans for Pregnant Women

Many states have various types of programs that are available for low income pregnant women. Many of these state programs have income requirements that need to be met to enroll. In addition some programs may require a small deductible or co-payment whenever services are performed. Depending on the program some medical services for pregnant women are offered for free. Many state programs are different versions of the state and federal Medicaid program.

Prenatal Care Assistance Program

The Prenatal Care Assistance Program of PCAP is a New York health care program for pregnant women in the state. Eligibility requirements include living in the state of New York, being pregnant and being up to 200% of the federal poverty level. Services available with the program include regular prenatal visits, health education, various lab tests, nutrition screenings as well as other types of services related to pregnancy and checkups after the birth of the baby.

Child Health Plan Plus

Child Health Plan Plus Prenatal Care Program is a health program that is available to children under age 18 and pregnant women over the age of 19. Eligibility requirements include having a household income level under 200% of the federal poverty level, being a resident of Colorado and not eligible for Medicaid. All pregnancy care id free which includes prenatal care, labor and delivery as well as midical visits after the baby has been born.

Hoosier Healthwise

A health insurance program that is available for low income pregnant women families in the state of Indiana is called Hoosier Healthwise. The program is offered for a small free or free to residents in the state who are enrolled. Eligibility is based on family income and other assets. Members get to choose a doctor, can receive regular checkups as well as prenatal visits and other pregnancy related services that are available.

Dr. Dynasaur

A low cost health insurance program for low income pregnant women in the state of Vermont is called

Dr. Dynasaur. Eligibility in the program is based on the size of the family and level of income. Monthly premiums can range from $0 to $60 with no co-payment requirement. Benefits include visits to the doctor, hospital stays as well as immunizations. Pregnant women receive special services which include lab work, various tests, and prenatal vitamins.

Family Access to Medical Access Security

The Family Access to Medical Access Security or FAMIS MOMS is a program that provides health care coverage for low income pregnant women. Eligibility in the program includes being a resident of Virginia, being currently pregnant and meet certain income guidelines. Benefits of the program include comprehensive care coverage throughout the pregnancy. There are no monthly fees or premiums and no co-pays for services that are pregnancy related.